Dandruff – Causes and Reasons

Dandruff is one of the biggest concerns related to hair affecting almost 60% of the total world population at any stage of their lives. Dandruff can be defined as scalp problem which is an outcome of flaking of dead skin tissues.

There can be many causes for dandruff which includes washing hair too often, not using right shampoo, not washing hair enough, rinsing hair mostly with water and etc. There are some skin problems too that causes dandruff. Common among those is seborrheic dermatitis; the reasons can be both internal and external factors. One perception about dandruff is that it can also be caused because of dry and cold weather.

The general causes and reasons of dandruff are given below. This list might not cover the whole of the reasons and causes of dandruff but few simple reasons are listed here:

1. Any kind of health deficiency which causes the tissues of hair skin to die can be a reason behind dandruff. Eczema and psoriasis are few examples of such condition.

2. Consuming a diet on consistent basis which doesn’t contain necessary vitamins and minerals that help tissues to grow. This can also result in the weakness of scalp. You must consume a diet which contains sufficient amount of nutrients in order to avoid different health concerns including dandruff.

3. Blow drying on consistent basis can also be a reason behind the dandruff in your hair.

4. The chemicals found in different hair care products available in market causes dandruff in your hair too, if you are applying them on frequent basis. These chemicals also affect hair growth and natural shine of hair as well.

5. Exposure during harsh weather conditions like dry and cold weather generally can also be a reason behind dandruff present in your hair. In winter season, dandruff is a common concern among different people.

6. Hormones can also be one of the reasons behind the dandruff present in your hair. Dandruff usually starts after puberty and it is common problem in both genders but mostly found in men.

On general terms, dandruff is the result of these but there are some other reasons as well which can cause dandruff to appear. Shampoo having chemicals are the most obvious reason of dandruff in modern times because of its general and consistent usage. Find a replacement as soon as possible if you want to get rid of dandruff.

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