Advantages of the NovaSure Endometrial Ablation Treatment

NovaSure endometrial ablation treatment is a procedure followed to deal with excessive menstrual bleeding which is called as menorrhagia. Reports suggest that one out of every five women face menstrual bleeding that can be responsible for fatigue and anemia. There are instances when this situation arises amongst premenopausal women who have recently delivered a child.

It’s a quick treatment for women to end menstruation completely. It’s said that this treatment will soon dominate all other forms of treatment available for menorrhagia and similar ailments. The U.S Food and Drug Administration have already declared this treatment as a safe and effective measure for dealing with menorrhagia. After several clinical studies and research work, on September 28, 2001, the verdict about this medication being safe and effective hit the market.

As such, it’s a hormone free procedure, and the best part is that it takes only about 90 seconds to complete. Compare this to a full hysterectomy treatment. Most of us are aware about the amount of time and pain one has to undergo with hysterectomy treatment. Unlike other treatments, this procedure can be conducted in a hospital without the need of an overnight stay. Also unlike hysterectomy treatment, that might involve physical and emotional scars that can last for years to come, NovaSure endometrial ablation treatment does not involve such hassles.

There is no pain associated with NovaSure endometrial ablation treatment. If you have undergone this treatment, then you will be able to get back to work the very next day. Some women can report to work on the very same day if they feel good about their mental and physical wellbeing.

As opposed to hysterectomy, one has to experience less bleeding and reduction in PMS symptoms with NovaSure endometrial ablation treatment. Statistics reveal the fact that 97% of the women who have undergone this treatment claim that they would recommend this treatment. This certainly speaks a lot about NovaSure endometrial ablation treatment. Most women also do not experience a dip in their confidence level with this treatment.

Recently FDA has unleashed a report which showcased high success rate with this treatment. Also the cases of complications after the treatment were very low. As such, the treatment can be done under local anesthesia or while the patients are asleep, depending up on the patience preference or what the doctor recommends.

One of the important elements that needs to be considered while performing this treatment is whether you have delivered the child or not. If you want to have more children then you will have to wait for this procedure to the done, until you bear the child you intend to have. If you do not wish to conceive more children then you can safely perform this treatment.

NovaSure endometrial ablation treatment is the ideal choice when it comes to putting an end to menstrual periods completely. If you are considering NovaSure endometrial ablation treatment, then the first step would be to contact your doctor as soon as possible so that the treatment can be commenced.

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