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Curanail is a renowned prescription available for the cure of nail fungus. It’s widely available over the counter in most of the stores out there. Despite being a chemical component, it has gathered widespread acceptability from people across the world. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that curanail has a success rate of more than 85%. These statistics speak volume about the effectiveness of curanail treatment.

We all know that today the trend is towards natural and herbal products. However, some products are still able to maintain the limelight due to lack of herbal ingredients available for a particular ailment or due to its effectiveness. Curanail is one such chemical compound that has retained its spot due to one of the above reasons.

Curanail has the ability to destroy different types of fungi that can cause nail infections and related problems amongst human beings. The best part about curanail treatment is that it not only destroys the infection, but long term use of this product also prevents the occurrence of these infections. Many individuals have reported that they did not experience future episodes of nail infection after resorting to curanail treatment. This is one amongst the reasons why it has been a hit amongst the masses.

What is it about curanail that makes it such a powerful fungi killing product? The presence of amorolfine makes it a powerful chemical product that destroys all kind of infection. Several studies have proven that amorolfine contains antifungal properties that can destroy nail fungus infection and related bacteria’s. Along with amorolfine, there are many other ingredients that form a part of curanail. Ethanol, methacrylic acid copolymer and triacetin are amongst the few active ingredients present in curanail.

Amorolfine restricts the production of fungi and other yeasts by eradicating their cell membranes. Yeast and fungi are responsible for production of a substance called ergosterol. Ergosterol is a vital component of fungal cell membranes. Amorolfine prevents the production of ergosterol, thus curbing the growth of these harmful substances in our body.

The application of curanail is very simple. It’s applied in a similar fashion to that of a nail varnish, except for the fact that curanail is applied only once a week on the infected area. One can apply little bit on the surrounding area as well for proper absorption by the skin. If used as prescribed, one will be able to pave goodbye to the visible signs of infection in a period of six to eight months. That being said, it’s important that one chooses to use it for a period of one year to ensure that the infection is completed eradicated from your life, and to prevent its re-occurrence.

Remember, chemical based products have a long history of side effects. Curanail is also a chemical based product that can cause minor side effects. Mild burning sensation is the most common side effect most people have reported after use. Also, pregnant or nursing mothers are recommended to avoid using curanail lacquer as a precautionary measure.

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