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We all know the harmful effects of consuming drugs. Drug addiction is nothing short of a brain disease, wherein an individual experiences emotional peace and ecstasy upon consumption. It’s often said to be a temporary fix for a permanent problem.

Most people live under the assumption that heroin is the most addictive drug found in the society today. However, this notion is far from reality. There are many other drugs that are equally or in some cases more addictive than heroin. As a matter of fact, some of these addictive drugs are legally sold in the market.

Let’s have a look at these addictive drugs to get a bigger and better picture.


Experts reckon that nearly 30% of the people who consume nicotine for a certain period of time, get addicted to it. Considering the easy availability and low cost associated with the purchase of this drug, the number of nicotine users are rapidly growing with every passing day.


Marijuana is made of a chemical compound known as Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. As such, the use of this drug is illegal. However, individuals today consume it by ingesting it or in the form of smoke. There are lots of health hazards associated with the consumption of marijuana.


While inclusion of caffeine in this list might surprise most people out there, the fact of the matter is that caffeine is one of the most addictive and commonly used drugs out there. Caffeine is found in most of the things that we consume in our day to day life, that is why it’s difficult to stay immune from this drug.


Unlike the past, heroin is banned in most countries out there. This drug has a long history in store. It was used for medicinal purposes since ancient times, however, the realization factor hit hard only when people realized that they were getting addicted to it. Once this fact was unveiled the ban hammer stuck this drug. However, illicit use of this drug is still on rampage, and it’s estimated that thousands of people lose their live every year due to this life threatening drug. The drug users and suppliers often find themselves behind bars, if caught by the authorities.


Cocaine consumption is a common act while smoking. The substance is often used in cigarettes. Cocaine causes our nerve cells to produce larger amount of neurotransmitters which disrupts the functioning of the brain, which is why an individual feels confident, powerful and smarter after use. This temporary joy involves a huge cost, as one might end up inviting several respiratory diseases in due course of time. In some cases, individuals also fall prey to depression.


While the use of alcohol is perfectly legal today, it’s one of the most addicted drugs you can find in the society today. Alcohol affects our brain functionality and invites several life threatening ailments. Thousands of life and families are destroyed due to excessive alcohol consumption. It’s sad to see youngsters resorting to alcohol to impress their peers without paying heed to the harmful effects of alcohol.

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  • On the whole this article was very good, but I'm afraid I had to rate it down for the section on marijuana. There are no proven adverse affects of marijuana on the human body. AT ALL. Period.

  • I've been using marijuana for 10 years and I testify to you 'the truth', there are severe consequences to it. Among other – memory loss, depression, motivation loss and it's really hard to quit, very hard I'd say. I know people who can't quit it for 12 years… Losing their money on daily bases to buy it and supplementing lack of it with other drugs and alcohol. So don't defend it, because you don't know what you are saying.

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