How to Prevent Panic Attacks – How to Discover the Root of Your Problems

One can’t undermine the fact that panic attacks can be jeopardizing. However, most people out there are not aware about the root cause of the problem. What people do not realize is that panic attack is the body’s way of reacting to excessive stress and anxiety. Living under fear or being afraid of something is nothing short of inviting troubles into your life. As such, there are truckloads of factors that can trigger panic attacks in an individual’s life.

If you have already fallen prey to panic attack then you must be aware how scary it can be. Racing heart beat, rising blood sugar level, tightening of the chest muscles are some of the most common symptoms a victim experiences while being engulfed with panic attack. Individuals experiencing panic attack for the very first time will most likely lose control over their mind and body. The overwhelming emotions and actions will leave them speechless and clueless about their condition for quite some time, until the symptoms of the attack fades away. You might be surprised to know that some individuals may experience panic attack by simply thinking about it.

If you are an individual who has some kind of phobia, you are more prone to experience panic attacks in your life. For instance, the mere sight of deep water can send shivers down your spine. As soon as you reach the top floor of your building, you will see yourself in a state of total disbelief and horror. The moment you step inside the airplane, your heart beat shoots up. All these are instances of phobia that can lead to the arrival of panic attacks. The best way to deal with these situations is to avoid the factors that trigger the condition or to overcome the phobia. Either ways, you will be able to deal with panic attacks.

Social anxiety disorder is another root cause of panic attacks. Let’s say you are a type of individual who is a cleanliness freak. You cannot stand dirt and unclean environment at any cost. Some day, you find yourself getting up late for the office. In your haste to reach the office on time, you wear your shoes without doing a formal check. After you take a few steps, you realize that there was a small insect that got crushed within your feet due it’s presence inside the shoes. Such situations can take you completely off guard and your body might react to these situations with a panic attack. Its like living with your worst fears, isn’t it? You have to overcome your fear in order to stay immune to these situations in life.

There have been cases where panic attacks were also induced by medications. Certain medications can upset your body, and thereby lead to panic attacks, which is why it’s often recommended to take any kind of drug only after consulting a doctor, especially if you are suffering from a medical problem.

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