How to Cure Your Panic Attack Problem

Dealing with panic attacks is not a cake walk at all. In some cases, the attacks can be extremely severe and overwhelming to an extent that you might live under the constant fear of the next attack. However, like everything else in life, each problem comes with a solution.

The fact of the matter is that panic attacks are very common these days considering the hectic lifestyle we lead today. Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to identify the root cause of this problem as the factors that trigger panic attacks varies from individual to individual.

Those who are suffering from this condition are aware of the fact that they have no means to run away or hide from panic attacks. They have limited choices at their disposal and dealing with it becomes an inevitable choice, in order to improve the quality of their life. On a more negative side, some individuals try to create a temporary shield for themselves by resorting to alcohol or drugs. However, deep within themselves, they are aware of the fact that resorting to these acts will do no good to their condition. As a matter of fact, this will only worsen their condition.

Coping with panic attacks can be achieved with cognitive behavioral therapies. These therapies will do the trick for you as they will help you understand the true meaning of this disorder. Most victims live under the wrong assumption that they will go wild or experience heart attack. Cognitive behavioral therapies will help you change the way you think and look at things in life, thus helping you deal with this problem. It’s a systematic procedure of eradicating negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. These therapies will not only help you cope with panic attack, but also cure the ailment to a great extent.

Today, there are certain medications available to deal with panic attacks such as antidepressants. These medications contain anti anxiety properties that will put you to sleep, thus easing your troubles temporarily. However, the prolonged use of such drugs is not recommended as they can have adverse effects on your physical and mental wellbeing. The last thing you may want over here is to invite more troubles in your life. Most doctors would advise you against the use of such drugs for a long period of time. It’s best to resort to cognitive behavioral therapies, rather than considering antibiotics for coping with panic attacks.

Most of the health experts out there usually recommend panic attack victims to breathe into paper bags for coping with panic attacks. Although this is a short term fix to your problem, its effectiveness cannot be undermined. That being said, there are individual who believe that this therapy is not worth a try. Paper bag re-breathing lowers the oxygen levels in our blood steam, which eventually results into more carbon dioxide in our body. Increase in the carbon dioxide level can aggravate panic attacks.

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