Simple Success Steps to Accomplish Anything

There are some people in life who you genuinely believe could achieve anything in life. They have great families, big houses, great jobs and seem to be brimming with happiness and confidence. So what is their secret? And more to the point, how can you emulate them so that you too succeed in anything you do?

Well some of us are lucky enough to be born with it. Here ‘it’ is a kind of Midas touch that means everything we do turns to gold dust. For these people the following advice will come completely naturally and they will not need to think about how to get what they want from life. These people are certainly in the fortunate minority, but still there is no reason you can not consciously mimic their behaviour to make yourself more successful and to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. Bellow then we will outline the exact steps that can be applied to any goal.

Step One: Identify the Goal

Before you can be successful you need to establish what that means. Do you have a specific aim in mind? Do you want to be a hit musician, do you want to impress that guy or girl you fancy, or do you want to just generally improve your lot in life? Try to be specific with your goal so that it is something manifest that you can achieve (it is hard to define ‘generally improved’ so if this is your aim try to word this plan better by looking at the aspects that contribute to a better life). Once you have a plan you can start working towards it, keep it constantly in mind, and make important (and small) decisions based on how it affects you and the goal you are moving towards. And make sure you are honest with yourself here too – do not be afraid to be ambitious, write down what you really want.

Step Two: Make a Concrete Plan

Now you have a goal you need to think about how to achieve it. This is where you start taking that idle day dream and making it a reality. The minute you have written it down, it becomes reality and no longer something you are too unconfident to say. It is out there so you need to be smart about attaining it. When considering your plan then think about all of the factors involved and the various strategies you could use to achieve it. Look online for advice and ask others if you can, then come up with something clever and realistic that will get you where you want to be while avoiding the problems involved. Think long and hard about this and devote an entire week to it if necessary. If you think long enough you will come up with a solution. Say your ambition is to become an actor but you have no acting experience and can not get any (for whatever reason) – look to a different avenue, be an extra in films, sign up to an online agency, or a real agency, become a screen writer and write yourself larger and larger cameos, earn enough money to make your own films, make budget films and put them on YouTube to be noticed, start in wrestling… there are endless ways to achieve what you want you just have to think how to use the tools you have been given. Here is a quick motivational tip – you can be anything you want to be. Take for instance an actor, the minute you start appearing as an extra you are technically an actor. Anyone can be a writer too – just start writing from the comfort of your home. It is only being successful that is the hard part.

Step Three: Break Your Plan Down Into Stages

The best plans are those that involve multiple little plans. This way you have something achievable to work towards at all times and you can get a real feeling of progressing towards your goal. If your ambition then is to become a singer then, you should have multiple smaller goals along the way. For example – get professional training, make a MySpace page, get 1,000 friends on the MySpace page, sing for a friend’s Wedding… There are countless smaller goals you can work towards no matter you end-game and each will be a success in itself.

Step Four: Make Necessary Changes and Take the Risk

To make a big change in your life you will probably have to change something about your current life. That might be something that is holding you back or that is making you unhappy. Common culprits are unhealthy relationships, bad locations and dead-end jobs. You have to be willing to risk losing something you do not want in order to get something you do – so quit that job and you will give yourself some motivation to find a better one.

Step Five: Improve Yourself

Whatever your goal or your plan, improving yourself is an important aspect of achieving anything and being successful. It is the kind of mindset that has you constantly working on your shortcomings that will take you to the top and make your successful. So go to the gym, learn new skills, read and start dressing more sharply. All of this will help you no matter your ambition. You will feel different and people will treat you differently. Constantly be looking for ways to improve.

Step Six: Act as Though it Is Already a Reality, Tell People Your Plan

You then need to combine this new self-renovation with a new attitude that directly relates to your plan. Remember you can be anything you want to be, so start acting like you are. Want to be a great novelist? Then start acting like one and start believing that only time is standing between you and that bestseller. This will cause self-fulfilling prophecies as you feel better and manage to convince others that you belong in that world. Publishers will prefer writers who look like successful writers.

Another tip is to tell other people about your plans. That does not mean telling them the ins and outs of everything you are going to do, but instead means confidently stating where you are going to be in five years. Tell people you are going to be the next big star, or a millionaire, and then suddenly you will find that the pressure is there to actually achieve your claims. It works even better with the shorter term aims – tell people you are going to acting class, or you are going to write a book in five weeks. If they do not believe you then you will be motivated to prove them wrong, if they do it is great moral support.

Step Seven: Stick Solidly to the Plan

From here on in it is just hard work. Just do what you said you would and give it precedence over other things. Put aside an hour or three a night, however much it takes and do not get disheartened. Just like any goal, it will require sincere and hard work. Be determined.

Step Eight: Regularly Review Your Plan and Adapt

However that does not mean you should be completely rigid, and as the Dinosaurs proved it is important to adapt. So pay attention to the situation and look for mitigating factors that might need you to have a rethink. You might find that the object of your affections enters a relationship meaning you have to come up with a way to remove that obstacle first, or you might find that the idea you are working on is already invented, in which case you will have to differentiate somehow (not necessarily start all over again).

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