Reasons We Fail to Succeed

For many of us, success seems like something that is just out of grasp. In a lot of cases that is simply because we are not trying hard enough. For 90% of the population success is something we would like but are not willing to go after. We day dream about the different things we would want in life, but that is all they remain – day dreams. This might be due to fear, to lack of self belief, to contentment or lack of ambition. But for whatever reason these people never even put pen to paper.

But these people have not failed to succeed. Instead they have chosen not to try. You can not fail to achieve if you do not try and for that there are countless articles and books out there aimed at giving a bit more motivation and confidence to the sort of people who lack ‘get up and go’. So this article is aimed at those people who are trying, who have been doing all they can to succeed but still are not quite managing it. The Delboy’s and Top Cats of the world for whom everything tends to fall through at the last minute. Meanwhile as for those of you who own countless books on success – you are just using delay tactics – get out there and actually start making yourself successful; stop reading about how to do it.

You come up with countless schemes and ideas, you talk the talk and walk the walk, you have got the confidence… so what is it that stands between you and success? Obviously for everyone it will be different, but there are some common factors that can contribute to a lack of success. Read below and see if any of them hit home:

Lack of staying power: Are you that guy who has twenty great ideas for books? Who has a hundred great inventions? Who has books on topics as diverse as electronics, sewing, gardening, business, rabbit keeping and nuclear physics? Do you have a different genius idea every day?

Unfortunately no matter how good your idea is, a lack of sticking power will mean that it never comes to fruition. You need to stick on an idea you see in order to start making it a reality, then in order to push it and back it. You need to really believe in and back an idea for it to be successful, but if every time you start working on one you get a better one or get bored then nothing will ever get finished. You need then to decide concretely which idea or business plan you are going to pursue before you go after it.

Delusion: Confidence is a great thing that will get you a long way in life, however it is a very different thing to delusion though the two are often confused. Someone who is confident knows they have a great idea but is aware of the challenges and obstacles they face. Someone who is deluded is oblivious to the challenges and the obstacles and is unaware of both their own limitations and the state of the market. You need to first have a good connection with reality in order to change it. Be honest with yourself then – what is it about you that might be letting you down? Do people really want or need your new product or service? If people seem to start rolling their eyes when you talk about your plans then this is great market feedback – be carefully attuned to people’s reactions. You have to let your ego and pride get hurt in order to succeed. Think of the older bar tender from Cocktail, or the countless deluded weirdoes who go on Pop Idol and X-Factor. It is worth doing a quick reality check to ensure you do not become one of those.

Lack of marketing: Once you have your idea you need to know how to sell it. In many ways this is far more important than the product or service itself – you need to reach people in order to get your idea out there. This is one place where investing a bit of money is a highly sensible idea.

Lack of effort: If you are going to do something you need to do it properly. Many people are looking for a ‘get rich quick scheme’. Unfortunately these are generally doomed to failure – the reality is that there is no ‘silver bullet’ so you need to be willing to work hard at what you do, and to do that you need to genuinely enjoy what you do.

Too much detail: Many people are working on a masterpiece. A book, a computer programme, a business idea… and they have been doing so for the last fifteen years. Here the problem is not lack of effort but quite the opposite – they are putting so much effort it and so much thought, that they have not gotten round to finishing their product. They might be nicely detailing or colouring their product, testing it on people that come round, reading up on every single related book, looking into all related legal aspects, planning for every eventuality and asking everyone for advice. That is all very well and good, but when it comes down to it this is really only necessary to a point after which it starts to become a delay tactic that will only mean your breakthrough never breaks through. You need to be a man (or woman) of action – launch your product before it is completely ready and fine tune it once it is out there in the real world getting real feedback (it is the best way to learn and to fine tune your service anyway). Give yourself a deadline and stick to it, no matter what condition your plan is lacking.

Waiting for/relying on others: If you are waiting on an investment from someone else, or you are in anyway blaming someone else for your lack of success then you need to seriously rethink your current strategy. A great business plan will not require an investment and it will not rely on external factors. Make sure that it is down to you.

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