Excessive Burping in Otherwise Healthy Individuals

Burping or belching is the means through which the body rejects gas from the gut out the mouth. This is often accompanied by a sound and stench which can be embarrassing and is considered impolite. Continuous belching however becomes a problem and may be the result of various different problems.

Excessive belching after eating for example is often caused by air swallowing, also referred to as ‘aerophagia’. This does not cause bloating or discomfort but is nevertheless embarrassing. It is caused by eating too quickly and thereby swallowing pockets of air, by mouth breathing which causes you to ‘gulp’ larger amounts of air straight down the oesophagus and chewing gum. Excessive belching after drinking carbonated drinks meanwhile is something that can not be avoided and is simply caused by the build up of gas in the stomach.

While what you eat and the way you eat it can cause excessive belching in the short run, it is also possible for your diet to affect belching in the long term. For example eating a particularly high-protein diet can result in excessive burping and farting. This occurs when the protein is broken down in the stomach and can be particularly repugnant. Simply altering the diet to include slightly less protein can help this problem.

Burping might also sometimes be a psychomatic condition which occurs from nervousness or habit. Similarly during a panic attack or nerve-related hyperventilation it is not uncommon for a patient to swallow more air than they normally should again resulting in belching. Deeper breathing will help not only to calm the nerves, but to prevent excessive burping.

While these are the causes of excessive burping in a healthy patient, many conditions and illnesses can also cause belching such as hiatus hernia, pylori infection, gastroparesis and others. These will likely also display other symptoms or be related to other conditions, if a change in diet and eating habits does not combat your belching, then you should see a physician.

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