Itchy Anus – An Embarrassing Problem

If you experience an itchy anus then this can be a rather embarrassing problem as well as an uncomfortable. Fortunately however, an itchy anus generally is just an embarrassing problem rather than a serious one and rarely is an indicator of anything serious.

Generally an itchy anus is exacerbated by warmth, is worse in bed and is accompanied by a reddening around the area. Moisture will also cause the problem to worsen and sweat will likely be painful and unpleasant. Ointments and creams meanwhile that you would normally apply to an itchy red area are likely to simply make the itch worse due to the additional moisture.

There are many possible causes for anal itching. One is poor hygiene which can mean not washing the anus often or thoroughly enough. The anus is hard to clean due to its shape and so sometimes bits of faecal matter can become stuck in the skin which then causes irritation. This is particularly the case if you are suffering from diarrhea or generally experience soft stools. A solution is to wash more thoroughly, to consider investing in a b-day and/or eating more fibre in your diet.

Similarly washing and wiping too thoroughly or rigorously can cause irritation if it scratches the skin or dries it out too much. Again the above changes to your routine and diet can mean that you do not have to clean as aggressively thereby leaving your skin softer and cleaner. In other cases you might even be allergic to a product you use in washing the anus – for example you might be allergic to bubble bath or soap and thereby exacerbating your condition every time you wash.

Skin conditions meanwhile will affect various areas of your body including your anus. This might be a condition such as eczema or simply dry skin. Treating any rash or condition generally will help to prevent it affecting your anus. If you simply suffer from dry skin, then increasing the amount of oil and essential fatty acid in your diet can help greatly.

These cover the most common causes of an itchy anus, which generally can be improved with hygiene and a high fibre diet with omega 3 supplementation. However there are other less common but more unpleasant causes to consider too.

One is STIs, and while it is uncommon, it is possible for genital warts and gential herpes to affect the anus as well as the genitalia themselves. Genital herpes will result in outbreaks of highly itchy red sores during times of stress that crust over and disappear after around two weeks each time. They are highly contagious and unpleasant and difficult to diagnose. Unfortunately there is no cure. Meanwhile genital warts will result in warts (often these are invisible to the naked eye) which can become itchy and so cause an itchy anus. Again there is no cure, though unlike herpes they will eventually disappear.

The other unpleasant possibility is parasites – particularly helminths which are worms that live in the stomach, intestines and elsewhere. Threadworms (also known as pinworms) for example are around 13mm and will squirm out of the anus during the night in order to lay eggs around the sphincter which can cause discomfort and itching. Try increasing hygiene and altering your diet, if this does not improve then see a physician and have them examine your stool.


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