Some Possible Causes of an Itchy Rectum

There are many many causes of an itchy rectum which unfortunately makes it very hard to diagnose. However in many cases the condition will not be severe and there are some management methods you can use to limit an itchy rectum that will help in the large majority of cases. Read bellow for a list of things to try:

• Wash your anus after you have had your bowels open – but not more than three times a day which can cause the skin to dry out. A b-day or jet stream are two good ways to wash your rear. Some doctors recommend aqueous cream as a gentle way to cleanse the rectum but you should make sure that you do not leave it moist and rub it in gently but thoroughly.

• Use a gentle unperfumed and neutral soap. Ensure that you completely wash it off.

• Buy softer toilet paper for wiping which will be less likely to irritate an itchy rectum. Again avoid toilet tissue that contains a scent in case it is an irritant.

• Never rub your rectum with a towel, but dab gently.

• Do not use a bubble bath. A kitchen salt in your water will help to disinfect your body and also make the water seem ‘softer’ (rinse with plain water from the shower after).

• Do not scratch your itch. If you do you will risk breaking the skin and causing bleeding or aggravating the area. Furthermore, if you have a parasitic infection of helminths such as ringworm then this could be causing itching and scratching could cause you to get the microscopic eggs embedded under your fingernails which can lead to re-infection.

• Use loose cotton underwear as opposed to elastic, nylon or spandex which will sit more tightly and cause sweating and more heat. And no thongs…

• Use a biological enzyme on your underwear and unperfumed fabric softeners. Look for labels stating that it is for ‘sensitive skin’.

• Stay on the toilet for longer than you normally would to ensure that you completely empty your bowels etc.

• Avoid using creams such as Vaseline and even anaesthetic creams. Which hazel is a gentle cream that should not cause too much pain.

• Feel around the anus for lumps which might be causing your itching. It might simply be a boil which will thrive in this dark moist environment.

• Get others to check the area for signs of a rash or lesions. They might be able to identify the cause as herpes or allergy.

• It is possible to prevent a jock itch (which can travel round to the rectum) to some extent by just keeping it as clean as possible and dry. This could mean drying it more thoroughly and combating sweat and moisture through using loose boxers rather than pants and replacing underwear after exertion. You mustn’t share clothes nor towels with other people in case they are infected and should try to avoid tight fitting clothing. At the same time practice sleeping naked to give your groin area the time to air and make sure you trim your pubic hair.

• Avoid foods that cause flatulence such as excessive amounts of protein.

• Examine your stool for signs of discolouration, infestation or bleeding.

• If you notice anything unusual or symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

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  1. Thanks I was so worried I had some sort of disease…

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