Pharmacological Effects of MS Drugs

Not long back, multiple sclerosis (MS) was considered as an incurable ailment. All treatments were centered to curb the severity of the ailment, and there was nothing in store that could completely cure the condition. However, today there is a twist to this tale. Experts reckon that there is real hope, when it comes to getting rid of multiple sclerosis. However, most of the medications are yet to be approved by the FDA.

That being said, if you are really keen to know how dental profession is associated with this ailment, then have your eyes glued as you read further. We all know that the conventional medications have had a long history of side effects. Almost every drug out there has a feature of side effects. It’s just that our body can tolerate some of the side effects, but that does not take the fact that we are compromising our health with the intake of these drugs. Our body may not always forgive us for the harshness.

A dental professional should bear this in mind as this will help him/her know whether any of the drugs used for the cure of MS is not interviewing with his prescribed medications. MS drugs are known to have certain side effects that can potentially intervene with the dental treatment, thereby inviting more troubles in the patient’s life.

Immune suppressant and muscle relaxant are the two most widely used drugs to treat MS. Immune suppressant neutralizes the effects of white blood cells in our body. While it can help you deal with multiple sclerosis, it can invite other troubles into your life as it impacts your overall wellbeing. Muscle relaxant works by neutralizing the nerves. Just like immune suppressant, muscle relaxant can have adverse effects on your body.

While these medications cannot promise complete cure, they will curb the severity of the problem. Progression of MS will be reduced drastically, if you pay heed to the doctor’s advice along with the intake of these medications. It’s also important that you start the medications as soon as the condition is diagnosed.

Below is a list of drugs that a dental professional should be aware of to ensure that the MS medications do not interfere with his/her treatment.

IV Steroids



Cytoxin Therapy

Glatiramer Acetate

Multiple Sclerosis Vaccine

Tysabri Therapy

While it’s hard to digest the fact that MS cannot be completely cured, we are fortunate enough to have several measures in place that can help us lead a normal life, despite suffering from this problem. Given the complexity of the ailment, we all know that proper health care is a must. Take good care of yourself by having a healthy diet and by training regularly along with the intake of medications.

We never know what future has in store for us. Researchers are welcoming new drugs after complete scrutiny. Hopefully, we will be able to lay our hands on something that might offer complete cure to this condition in the years to come.

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