Diet for Heart Surgery Patients

We all know that it’s not easy to deal with heart problems. Sometimes, heart patients have to stretch out in a hospital bed for a surgery that will cost them thousands of dollars. If you are about to witness such a surgery, or have just come out of a surgery, then it’s obvious that health care would be your priority at the moment. Committing to a surgery is never easy, but it’s a compulsive decision we have to take for a better life or at times for our survival. After all, we all love our “Dear life”.

Goes with saying, the recovery phase would demand plenty of rest, reduction in stress, meditation and proper diet intake. You can’t really afford to take health care for granted after shaving off thousands of dollars towards the hospital bill. Of course, amongst all, diet is the key factor in the recovery process. If you ignore your diet, then this will increase your chances of encountering another surgery.

An ideal diet for a heart surgery patient would comprise of foods that are free from sugar, sodium and fat. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables should be consumed in higher doses to improve your health.

When it comes to healthy diet, variety is the key. Plenty of variety in your diet will help you continue with the diet plan for long, and in the process this will also speedup the recovery phase. Fruits, oatmeal and vegetables should have a special place in your menu. Include sweet potatoes, leafy vegetables, pumpkin, whole wheat breads and garlic in your routine diet. Invite rotation in your diet on daily or weekly basis. Your body will appreciate the fact that you have started taking responsibility for your health.

One of the other things to be noted is that you should have a 2,000 mg low-sodium diet. Sodium rich diets are your worst enemy when it comes to heart ailments. Have a “no entry” board for excess sodium or you will end up worsening your condition. Cut down all the food items that contain sodium in high quantities. Your body will thank you for this decision.

Another important diet decision to incorporate after or before a surgery is to curb the intake of sweets and sugar. Sodium and sugar are nothing short of partners in crime when it comes to ruining your health. Make sure that you stay away from all the foods that are sweet. Ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, red meats are amongst the foods to be excluded from your diet. After all, more than being sweet to your tongue, it’s imperative that you be sweet to your heart.

Besides taking care of your diet, pay heed to your doctor’s advice. There is no replacement for health care. While money can pay the hospital bills, it can’t act as a preventive shield to keep you immune from ailments. Make sure to take adequate rest and eat the right food. You will start feeling better with this approach!

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