Do You Have These Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic ailment that usually victimizes the young population of the country. The symptoms of this ailment are often seen amongst people in the age group of 20-40. It can be termed as central nervous system disorder that involves the brain and spinal cord. The ability of the brain to transmit orders is affected amongst the sufferers. Multiple sclerosis is one of the leading diseases in Europe.

The complexity of this disease has raised several questions about the causes. The exact cause of this ailment is still a mystery in the eyes of medical practitioners. There are many studies under play to figure out the exact cause of this dreadful ailment. One such recent study claimed that a virus-type organism, which causes abnormalities in our genes, is responsible for the cause of multiple sclerosis.

As such, there aren’t any rigid symptoms of this ailment. An individual can experience a host of symptoms, thereby making it difficult to gauge the condition. Most of these symptoms can easily be mistaken as the occurrence of some other problem. Also, the first episodes of minor symptoms can fail to catch your eyes. The most common symptoms that one experiences in the initial stages are blurred vision or double vision. The symptoms might not stay all through, but will make their presence feel from time to time.

With progression in time, the signs and symptoms will magnify, and you might experience one or combination of the below mentioned symptoms:

-Weakness in your muscles

-Coordination problem

-Some individuals also experience partial paralysis condition

-Loss of bladder control partially or completely

-Unclear speech

-Fatigue and dizziness

-Lack of concentration and memory power

Above all, victims can also fall prey to depression as the ailment drains one physically as well as mentally. Not to forget the fact that it can disrupt your day to day activities to a great extent, thereby contributing to your stress levels. The dark side about multiple sclerosis is that there are no solid cure available for the prevention and cure of this ailment. All you can do is continue with the medications to keep the disease at bay. Apart from medications, incorporate good lifestyle so that the symptoms are eradicated to a great extent. Nutritious diet and exercise will have a major role to play over here.

Multiple sclerosis affects nearly 1 out of 1000 individuals. It’s more prevalent amongst women than men. There is no denying to the fact that it’s very disheartening to learn that there is no concrete cure available for the elimination of this ailment, despite the hallmark strides we have taken in the field of medical science in the last decade or so. That being said, one can always cope with the adverse effects of the ailment with proper medication. Remember, there are worse ailments out there that exist in our society today, and victims are leading a normal life by maintaining a positive attitude.

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