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Migraine is characterized by throbbing pain in the head that starts from one side and then spreads all over. A sickening feeling creeps in when a person suffers from migraine. Today, there are plenty of reasons cited for the cause of migraine headache pain. It’s estimated that nearly 90% of the world population suffers from some kind of headaches.

Fortunately, loads of home remedies have evolved over the last couple of years to offer us relief from this condition. Let’s take a look at some of the fast natural measures to cure migraine headache pain.

Plenty of folks experience migraine with the onset of stress. Over here, being able to distress yourself would be the most beneficial method for eradicating migraine pain. There are plenty of natural ways to banish stress. Go out for a walk with your dog, listen to music or take a hot water shower. All these measures will help you deal with your migraine headache pain.

Besides this, resting in a dark room, which is free from all kinds of noise, is a great way to get rid of migraine pain. Application of ice compresses will also do the trick for you. It’s one of the old home remedies in the book, which has been in practice since several years. One simply needs to apply ice compresses at the back of the neck, in order to find relief from the pain.

Focusing on some breathing exercises also work wonders during migraine situation. Breathing exercises will help one reduce stress, thus alleviating the cause of headache. Your mind will feel completely relaxed, and you will find instant relief. Simply find a quiet place in your home where you can spend about 10 minutes to perform these breathing exercises for relaxation and peace. That being said, health experts do not recommended such exercises during severe migraine attacks.

Sometimes lack of sleep can be the cause of migraine headache pain. If your body is starved from adequate sleep, it might react by headache pain. In this situation, the best thing to do is head towards your bed for a quick nap. You will feel better once you wake up from your sleep.

Drinking adequate water can also reduce the severity of the problem. Cases of migraine headache have been reported in the past, due to mild dehydration. If your body is starved from water, dehydration will be an apparent result, thereby causing migraine headache in some cases. Make sure that you supply your body with adequate water in regular intervals.

Gentle face massage has also helped many individuals get rid of migraine headache pain. Massage works by improving the blood circulation around the facial area, thereby helping one eradicate the agony associated with headache.

As of now, there hasn’t been much progress in the field of medicine, when it comes to curing migraine. However, the above mentioned home remedies can reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine headache pain to a great extent.

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