Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Eliminating all signs of affair is one of the things on the hit-list of most cheating partners. They are aware of the fact that their relationship would crumble like a pack of cards, once their truth about extra-marital affair is unleashed. However, temptation gets the better of them, allowing them to enjoy the best of both worlds for a short period of time, until truth finds its way.

If you are trying to be the next “Sherlock Homes” looking to expose your cheating partner, or for that matters just trying to figure out a solution to pillar up the crumbling faith, then you need to identify the signs of a cheating spouse before you decide on the next course of action. Remember, when it comes to relationship, the entire family has to suffer when things fall out of place. Therefore, it’s a wise move to check the signs of infidelity, before playing the blame game and making matters worse for you as well as your spouse.

One of the most predominant signs that will reveal a lot about your cheating spouse is change in behavior. If you see your spouse taking interest in something which you never expected in your marriage life, then you should know that there is something fishy. In most cases, these sudden changes occur when your partner is involved in an extra-marital affair. As you may know, in a love triangle the preference of the third person often seems enticing to the cheating partner.

Other behavioral indications would be lack of interest towards you and family life. Things that seemed exciting in the past would no longer catch your partner’s attention. Besides this, forgetting important dates and events would be a common thing resulting into domestic issues in your life.

One of the other signs that can be a possible indication of infidelity is increased usage of computer and cell phone. Of course, no points for guessing on this one! The increased cell phone and wireless bill is all credited to the newly found mate. In most cases, your spouse will get extra protective about these electronic equipments in order to play safe.

Long hours away from home and weekends office trips may not necessarily bring in more cash in your home, but could be an excuse used by your spouse to have a good time with the newly acquired mate. Refusal to physical closeness should give you a fair idea about your partner’s cheating intentions.

Apart from this, pay detailed attention to your spouse lifestyle and clothing. If you think that your partner is spending long hours in front of the mirror than ever before or too much is being spent on shopping bills, then perhaps this is for a wrong cause.

You can also check for physical evidences like lipstick marks on the clothes, perfume smell, restaurant bills and so on. Remember, your spouse will never admit to his/her crime. No one likes being guilty and face down in front of their partner. The responsibility lies in your shoulder to catch these early signs before deciding upon the next course of action.


  1. Liting Reply
    August 1, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    First there is this deep feeling in the pit of your stomach and then you may or may not discover the evidence but either way you know in your mind that something is wrong! You feel it and see it in the air because your spouse is acting differently by the way they carry themselves and by finding ways through work or with friends to be away from home more often. Often something in your intimacy changes and they complain that they are too tired to make love or they want to make love more than usual because they are turned on by the thought of the lover. They may start dressing differently or working out at the gym and take more attention with their appearance. They may deliberately pick fights with you to give them a reason to leave the house so that they can call or visit the person they are involved with. This type of spouse eventually leaves a trail behind him and sooner or later gets caught. On the other hand there is another type that does not get emotionally attached and spreads out the cheating behavior every now and then over time so he is not discovered. This may be with a one night stand that he picks up from somewhere or he may patronize a variety of women through prostitutes. A man can easily tuck away a few dollars here and a few dollars there to spend one hour of his time with this type and the spouse never be the wiser for it. What it all comes down to is that a spouse may never know that they are being cheated on because there may or may not be any signs of them doing it especially if they are good at compartmentalizing their deceit and carry no guilt from it. The one sure sign that something could be up and more than likely is is a strong feeling deep within your gut and you may be lucky and find out the truth about what is going on in your world while you may never find out at all.

    • Aestherielle J. Reply
      October 10, 2018 at 7:45 am

      I would agree with you. Cheaters always find ways to pick fights with you without any reason at all just to make an excuse to leave the relationship. Then they play the victim and blame you with the break up.

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