Obvious Lies That Every Cheater Tells!

Dealing with infidelity is not a cake walk on all accounts. Hundreds of lies and excuses will be thrown at you. These fabricated and deceptive statements can easily steal the healthy dose of smile from your face time and again.

It’s pretty obvious that the cheater will come up with all kinds of excuses in the book to mask his/her behavior. By acquainting yourself to the most obvious lies that every cheater has in his/her mouth, you will be able to figure out if your partner is really cheating on you or not.

When it comes to inventing stories to hide the reality, the most obvious lie is claiming that they are very busy. They might be busy, but for a different unwanted reason that you will not love to hear at all. The fact of the matter is that if your partner loves you dearly, he/she will somehow manage to devote some time for you.

“I will be late home again due to some office work”. If you are tired of hearing this statement, then you have no one to blame until you have a reality check. Yes, this is one of the most obvious excuses laid down by cheating partners so that they can spend more time with their newly acquired mate.

“She is just my new secretary”. When the confrontation time arrives, this is what you will most commonly hear from your partner. Your partner will tend to use this as an excuse to let you know that he only shares professional relationship with the lady, and has to roam around with her for office work.

If the “dead tire” situation is happening very often with your partner, then this statement should sound like alarm bells on your ear. In most cases, a tire can’t go flat time and again after being serviced. After all, it’s meant to travel miles clearing all kinds of roadblock in its way. Reality says that this is one of the most obvious excuses used by cheaters to report late.

“It’s just a friend of mines, nothing is going on”. Does this sound like a familiar statement to you? A friend, no matter how close he/she is, cannot replace family. Family is of course the first important unit in a person’s life. Spending too much time with a friend can be a perfect recipe for an infidelity act.

Cheaters will often come up with new excuses in the hope that their partners will settle for everything unsuspicious that comes in their way. However, when these excuses become obvious, suspicion paves way, causing family troubles and other conflicting situations in life. It’s imperative for you to dig the reality, before assuming that these lies actually indicate that your partner is involved in an infidelity act. You don’t even have to let your partner know that you are suspicious about him/her. That’s perfectly fine, as you wouldn’t like to see your suspicious behavior be a cause for unwanted troubles.

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  1. Jack R. Reply
    August 1, 2018 at 8:06 am

    Such lies and excuses can make a partner suspicious every time they are being said. So we should better look out for them.

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