Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis

The general belief is that the quality of life goes for a toss, when an individual falls prey to multiple sclerosis. To a great degree, this belief is true as the ailment drains the victim physically as well as mentally. It’s tough optimizing the quality of life for these patients. Apart from the physical and emotional trauma, life expectancy also takes a hit amongst most sufferers.

Worry, concern, discouragement and depression can easily pave way into the victim’s life and these syndromes prevail for a long period of time, until the victim takes a voluntary decision to improve his/her quality of life.

Unlike most of the other ailments out there, multiple sclerosis can invade the patient’s life on all accounts; professional, personal, financial and social life’s equilibrium can be disrupted big time. Also, the uncertainty prevailing with this ailment can create a huge emotional roadblock in the patient’s life. There is always this fear that the next moment might have something detrimental in store for them. That being said, like every other hindrance in life, one can combat multiple sclerosis by following a right approach towards life.

As such, this disease often acts as barrier in their professional life. Plenty of young crowd had to quit their well established career after being diagnosed with this ailment. Financial health goes for ride once the person stops wearing the office uniform. Often, job promotion and other routine task may appear like a taxing effort for most of the victims. Recent studies have unleashed the fact that the rate of absenteeism is really high amongst these individuals. On an average, these individual do not report to work for nearly 30 days in a period of one year, due to health issues. Besides this, sufferers also experience fatigue, while at work, which often affects their productivity.

It’s great if these individuals have supportive employers or better if they are self employed as each one of us know how stressful the work environment can be. Excess stress can worsen their situation and cause more troubles in their lives. Apart from this, insecurity level and lack of confidence also builds up with non-supportive staff. In terms of other routine tasks, travelling and other independent work will appear cumbersome for most of the patients.

Living with an incurable disease is no cake walk, considering the fact that ailments like multiple sclerosis can affect all aspects of our life. We don’t find it worth to spend time with an incurable disease. We have no clue what future has in store for us. All we can do is keep fighting, until one day we see a miraculous cure.

Remember, no disease is larger than life. Situations can determine where you stand, but you are responsible for what you become. There are plenty of individuals out there who are leading a normal life, despite being victimized by multiple sclerosis. That being said, support from family members, relatives and health care professional is a must.

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  1. Clare Reply
    May 6, 2012 at 8:40 am

    "There are many people leading a normal life despite being victimized by MS… ! that is so seriously insulting to those who are finding it difficult to do so. It suggest they are at fault for not being able to do so. It suggests that those poeple's MS is no worse than anyone else's, when in fact they probably have the form from MS that allows them to live normally because their symptoms are liveable or barely noticeable.

    "You are responsible for what you become" arrogant and condescending.

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