Ways of Treating Poison Ivy

Treating poison ivy has never been so easy. Apart from the conventional medications, there are many natural ways to deal with poison ivy. As such, you can hang on for about a week and wait for the poison ivy to fade away without doing a thing. Some individuals might have to play the waiting game for about a month. However, the waiting technique does not guarantee results, which is why it’s advisable to resort to certain health care measures to get rid of the ailment in the shortest possible time. After all, living with any kind of ailment is no fun, even if it does not have any serious implications on your overall health.

The dark side about this ailment is that it spreads very easily. Now, this implies that you will have to cut back a bit on your social life so that your friends and other close associates do not curse you for spreading this ailment. If you are hunting for a natural cure, then have a look below:

First and foremost, you need to pay heed towards good hygiene. Wash your hands frequently with water and mild soap. Hand washing is a fairly simple and effective means to prevent the harmful reactions caused due to this condition.

We all know the health benefits of oatmeal, when consumed as a nutritious food. However, very few individuals are aware of the fact that oatmeal bath can also be used as a cure against poison ivy. The application of this remedy is very simple. Prepare oatmeal as you would do for your regular breakfast. Once prepared, allow it to cool down and then apply it on the affected area. After applying it on the affected area, allow this solution to dry, and then wait for the positive results.

Banana peel is another effective way to get rid of poison ivy. All you need to do is rub the peeled banana over the affected area. Make sure that you use the inner surface of the peeled banana for this act. Over a period of time, you will see the rashes vanish away as if they never existed in the first place.

Most of us are aware that aloe vera helps us deal with loads of skin ailments. Application of aloe vera gel can cure poison ivy as well. In fact, this home remedy has been in practice since several years. One simply needs to apply the gel on the affected area, and then allow it work. Applying honey on the affected area will also offer you the same benefits. You will find instant relief from the burning sensation caused due to the rashes.

There are several other natural and simple ways to treat poison ivy. In most cases, natural remedies will do the trick for you, but if you are unable to eradicate the rashes, then seek help from a good dermatologist. Proper prescriptions will be offered to you by the dermatologist after evaluating your condition.

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