Factors of Psychological Adjustment to Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of those ailments that induce an individual to incorporate several changes in his/her life. Not being able to cope up with the ailment can traumatize a patient to an extent that he/she may have to make frequent trips to the hospital. Cases of depression and other serious ailments have been reported in the past.

In most cases, multiple sclerosis affects the young population of the country. Let’s take a look at some of the major factors of psychological adjustment one has to make with multiple sclerosis.

First and foremost, the personality of an individual involves a major change. While some individuals are able to adapt to the ailment quickly, most of them find it very difficult to adapt to the new sedentary lifestyle, which they are compelled to follow. They often find themselves in a state of complete disbelief, cursing their destiny and every other external factor that comes in their way.

Family support is another psychological adjustment to multiple sclerosis that has a major role to play with this ailment. To a great extent, the degree of stress and depression can be curbed amongst these individuals, if they get adequate assistance from their family members. There have been cases in the past, wherein maltreatments were reported as the victim’s family members were unwilling to bear the care and cost associated with the treatment.

Social openness is one of the major factors of psychological adjustment related to this ailment. Social openness refers to the social environment to which the patient is exposed. It’s often difficult to accept the fact that you are being hit by an ailment that has no cure at all. One often wonders how the society will look up to such an ailment. Sufferers find great peace, if the people surrounding them offer full support. This also helps them stay cheerful during bad times. Being able to continue with their profession also serves as a stress busting source. The feeling that he/she is being productive, despite suffering from an incurable ailment invites fresh air of confidence.

The doctor has a key role to play as well. The relationship that the doctor shares with these patients can make a huge psychological difference in the patience’s life. Apart from medications, most patients need quality advice and support from the doctor.

Lastly, the diseases and its progression play a great role in the psychological adjustment of multiple sclerosis. With slow progression of the disease, most patients are able to adjust themselves to the newly attained disability, however if the ailment progresses rapidly, then majority of the patients find it difficult to cope up with the rapid progression, both physically as well as mentally.

While there is no precise cure for this ailment, the success of this ailment hugely depends on how well the patient is able to adjust himself/herself to the newly acquired disability. It’s a fight that an individual has to continue for the rest of his/her life, and to emerge successful positive attitude towards life is a must.

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