How to Get Rid of Gophers and Moles

Despite being an avid animal lover, you would hate to see your lawn being destroyed by gophers and moles. These tiny creatures can cost you hundreds of dollars, if you consider them as trivial enemies. So make no mistake and put your emotions to rest as you might be expected to rage a war against these critters to save your beautiful garden or lawn from getting spoiled.

Unless you have been a victim to these predators, it’s difficult to gauge the extent of damage these tiny creatures can do to your lawn or yard. Their wreaking havoc is enough to invite nightmares amongst gardeners and farmers since they create molehills and underground paths, which can cause considerable damage to their drainage system. They will also leave behind high amount of dirt mounds in their route.

Gophers feed on plants and moles rely mainly on earthworms to stuff their belly, but both of them can be equally destructive. Since gophers eat plants, a gardener can easily lose hundreds of dollars worth of plantation due to these creatures.

Fortunately, there are many ways to eradicate gophers and moles from your yard. The most common technique is to poison them to death. However, there is always a risk involved in this method as the poison can also harm your plants. So, you may want to be wary from such poisonous sprays.

Usage of fish emulsion is one of the natural ways to get rid of gophers and moles. Both these creatures dislike bad smell, and what better than fish emulsion to exhibit bad smell. In a way, you will be creating a disturbing environment for them so that they can exit your lovely garden or lawn. The best way to use fish emulsion is to water your plants daily with it. Not only will this help you deal with these creatures, but will also add to the fertility of the soil.

One of the other time-tested measures is to grow plants, which are disliked by gophers and moles. Castor bean plant or oleander plant can do the trick for you in this case.

Some individuals also lay traps to cage these creatures. If you feel comfortable with this approach, then you simply need to find a cage and have an attractive bait to ensure that they fall prey to your plan. To trap gophers you can place fruits or vegetables on the bait, and in case of moles you can use its favorite food – earthworm.

Once they are trapped, you can leave them far away in the forest or any other area from where you don’t see them coming back to your place. Apart from this, you can consider having a cat as a pet to scare and get rid of gophers.

You will often find people using smoke or water to drive them off their holes. You can use this technique as well, if you are aware about the holes where they reside. Although effective, this method can be very time consuming and frustrating, which is why it’s recommended that one resorts to any of the earlier discussed methods.

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