Non-Lethal Ways to Deter Chipmunks

One can’t underscore the fact that chipmunks are one of the toughest creatures to combat. While they may look pleasing on your eyes, they are capable of destroying your picture perfect lawn. This terror has left most individuals out there with no option, but to figure out ways to deal with these bothersome rodents.

As such, they feed themselves with plants, bugs, seeds and leftover foods. Their search for food often leads them to human territory. Unless you are familiar with these creatures, their attack will take you by surprise as you will witness mysterious holes in your yard. Your beautiful plants will also take a hit as they will go missing the next morning after plantation.

Now, you must have sensed the extent of damage these cute creatures can potentially accomplish. Let’s take a look at some non-lethal ways to get rid of chipmunks.

Taking care of the yard is one of the best ways to prevent their invasion. You can achieve this by eradicating dead leaves, unwanted firewood and branches. Such leftover stuff often serves as a shelter for chipmunks.

If you have already fallen prey to these nasty creatures, then you can trap them in a cage. All you have to do is grab a trap, which has a trigger in it and then load the bait to temp them. Your best bet would be to load the bait with sunflower seeds as chipmunks are a great fan of sunflower seeds. Place this trap around their most preferred hangout spot to experience early results.

More than often, chipmunks will visit the cage for investigation and then fall prey to your devious plan. Over here, make sure that you check the trap on daily basis so that these creatures do not die of starvation.

Once trapped, take them to a location far away from your lawn and release them over there. Make sure that you are legally allowed to release the chipmunks at the chosen place. Also, ensure that the distance is very far as these creatures can easily hop back, if your lawn is nearby that area. You may also want to check with the local wildfire department about legal issues before trapping and dropping these critters.

If you are not comfortable with the above mentioned trapping technique, then let me offer you a relatively easy solution. Chipmunks hate garlic smell. What you will do over here is expose them to garlic spray so that they voluntary quit your place. This task can be achieved by simply crushing few garlic cloves and mixing them with Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper.

Besides this, there are plenty of plant sprays available in the market, which can help you deal with these creatures. Make sure that these sprays do not harm them. Use flavors that are disliked the most by chipmunks, in order to deter them from your lawn.

The above mentioned time-tested methods will help you eradicate chipmunks. Animal lovers can cherish the fact that they can eradicate chipmunks from their lawn, without killing these creatures.


  1. Helpful but could have gone into more depth and other ways to get rid of them without hurting them.

  2. Use flavours that are disliked the most by chipmunks, in order to deter them from your lawn.

    And then no flavours given!

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