Best Chigger Treatment for Houses and Yards

Let’s face it, you can’t afford to stay within the four walls of your home to avoid chigger’s invasion into your beloved house or yard. These irritating bugs are seen almost all over the place such as gardens, lakes, forests, parks and so on. Also, their small size contributes to their deceptiveness, thus making it extremely difficult for us to spot them.

Their invasion can leave you extremely troubled and frustrated as they are very difficult to eliminate. However, the fact still remains that they are able to pave way into your life because we end up inviting them unintentionally. As such, chiggers mark their arrival into our home by way of our pets or human inhabitants.

For instance, your kids might be responsible for inviting them into your home as chiggers cling to human clothes, while one is spending time outdoors. If your pets are allowed to hang around your neighborhood area, then they can be cited as the reason for chigger’s invasion into your beloved home. After all, there is a high possibility that your kids or pets might have spent considerable amount of time in chigger prone territory.

In some cases, you might want to take the blame to your guests or some other outsiders who might have brought these creatures after being to a chigger infected area. As you see, the possibilities of chigger migration can be endless. The worst part is that chiggers can easily spend a few days by clinging on to your skin. In such cases, a shower or scratching can dispose them off your skin. A great plan over here would be to train your kids to have a shower after visiting areas infected by chiggers. As a precautionary measure, it’s advisable that one avoids wearing sandals and short clothes that expose our skin to chiggers, especially when we are outdoors.

Besides this, remove and wash your clothes immediately after visiting a chigger prone location. This will prevent the spread of chiggers. Also, if you suspect that it’s already migrated to different corners of your home, then clean your bed sheets, carpets, furniture etc, where they can be usually found.

Apart from your house, you may want to keep them away from your yard as well. Having your lawn mowed is one of the most effective means to keep chiggers at bay from your yard. Eradicate all dried leaves and trim the grasses. It’s a good idea to spray your yard with a chigger repellent spray. Make sure that the spray does not cause harm to your plants. You wouldn’t enjoy the fact that you were able to get rid of the chiggers at the cost of destroying the plantation on your yard.

It’s virtually not possible to be completely immune from chiggers. Depending upon your location or the areas you visit, you increase your chances of getting affected by chiggers. That being said, it’s advisable to stick to the age old mantra, “prevention is better than cure”.


  1. This article does not answer the question. People including myself, want to know how to kill them once in the home. Obviously prevention isn't going to help at this point. These nasty bugs rode in on my husband's work clothes unbeknownst to him. Now we are suffering.

  2. DOES NOT answer the question!

  3. I am covered in bites. I cover myself from top to bottom and I still get them. They are somewhere in my garden for the three years I have lived here. My gardener arrives in shorts and is everywhere, in the soil planting, weeding, removing garden waste and never gets even one bite. Am I just allergic. I have only to walk on the grass. My dog was only out for 5 minutes, and he got them too. Can you suggest a commercial spray to kill them.

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