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Brazilian keratin treatment is a hair straightening technique, which has gathered widespread popularity in the last couple of years. In fact, today you will witness lots of celebrities resorting to this technique to improve their hairstyle.

Although it’s a temporary hair straitening solution, it lasts longer than most of hair straitening methods out there in the market. It’s an ideal choice for those who have dry, damaged and frizzy hair as it eradicates all the curls and frizzes for a period of 10 to 12 weeks. The best part is that this treatment does not spoil your hair texture. Repeating the process after 10 to 12 weeks will ensure that the newly grown hairs are also straightened.

As such, keratin is an ingredient found in our skin, nails and hair. More than often, we damage the keratin present in our hair while styling or by applying certain chemicals. As the name suggest, Brazilian keratin treatment will fix this problem, thus providing you with a desirable appearance.

For this treatment, keratin is extracted from animal wool and then a mixture is prepared from the extract. Application of this mixture on the hair stocks up the lost keratin in our hair. Also, it adds to the hair shine and luster. Not to undermine the fact, that your hair will be more resilient against hazardous environment such as sun, dirt etc.

Goes without saying, the treatment should be performed by a professional, who has several years of expertise in this field. This is a must, in order to ensure safe and better results. Ideally, the person will tell you in advance about the expectations and condition of the hair, before and post the treatment. The treatment starts by little consultation, followed by hair washing. Then, keratin mixture is applied on the hair.

Hair ironing is done at a certain temperature to hydrate and moisturize the hair before rinsing the hair. A hair straightening iron will be used in the process to seal the keratin into the head.

Allowing adequate time for the product to rinse will enable you to obtain the much needed straightened hair. The whole process will require a couple of hours. In most cases, the stylist will need at least two to three hours.

The stylish will recommended you to refrain from washing your hair for about four days, post the treatment. You need to cover your head while taking a bath to ensure that your hair doesn’t get wet. Once the waiting period is over, you are advised to shampoo your hair with products that are free from sulfate.

Remember, Brazilian keratin hair treatment may not necessarily suit everyone out there. The key is to consider doing it from a good place, rather than stressing too much on the cost factor.

Be ready to shave off $150 to $500 towards the treatment, depending upon the salon you visit. The length of your hair will also determine the cost associated with the treatment. Goes without saying, short hairs will cost you less!

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