Cheap Teen Hairstyles – Standout in a Crowd

The teenage phase is the finest period of our life, when it comes to experimenting with our hairstyles. Goes with saying, you are loaded with less responsibilities, and the best thing you can do is enjoy life to the fullest.

Today, most teens out there do not shy away from going that extra mile to stand out from the crowd. They hate to compromise with their looks so that they are able to create an impression amongst their friends and opposite sex. Naturally, they focus on their hairstyles, to help them achieve a trendy and fashionable look. After all, our hairstyle conveys a lot about us, whether it’s self expression or just a style statement.

If you want to put your best foot forward to create a standout appearance, then you can’t go about neglecting your hairstyle. So, let’s take a look at some cheap teen hairstyles, which can help one standout in a crowd.

As such, teens follow popular trend, which is why you will find them copying new hairstyles from the latest released movie. A popular celebrity is often their first target, when it comes to replicating hairstyle.

For those looking for cheap teen hairstyles have plenty of options at their disposal. On a broader spectrum, they can opt for a natural look, wherein the hair will pass through the ears. Adding a good gel will add to the texture, thus enhancing their appearance. However, this pointer would go well depending up the type of face structure you have. Now, let’s have a look at some cheap yet trendy hairstyles suitable for teens.

Opting for Hair Layers

You can add volume to your hair by adding layers and play around with the overall look. Layers go well with long hairs.

Soft Curls

Soft curls are definitely one of the choices to be made if you are looking out for cheap teen hairstyle. Whether you choose long or short curls, they are easy to go and will provide one with the perfect teenage look.

Pony Tail

Pony tail is one of the simplest hairstyles to choose. The best part is that it goes with all types of hair and can be set within a few minutes, without investing any money. To add that flair to the pony tail, you need to brush the hair nicely and spray loose strands into place.


One can also create a classic bun from pony tail hair. You need to wind your hair around the base of the pony tail to achieve this look. Bobby pins can be used to hold the bun at the desired location on your head. You can also use a braid hair before winding the hair into the bun. This look can go well with casual or formal wear.

Close Cropped

This is one of the most time saving and cheap hairstyles for teens. Guys can choose close crop hairstyle by leaving the hair loose for about an inch or so. There isn’t much work required in this case. You can simply wash and dry the hair before setting off to create a stand out appearance.

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