What Is Pre-Menopause? – The Signs and Symptoms That Come With It


Pre-menopause is a part of the natural aging process experienced by all women’s out there. This is a phase which is embarked by the end of the fertile years of a women’s life. Most people claim that it’s the nature way of communicating with the women that she needs to focus on her own body, after devoting several years of her life for caretaking her child and other family members. While some consider this phase to be of great relief, others may be unhappy over the fact that they have lost the fertile years of their life.

As such, the arrival of pre-menopause period may vary on individual basis. However, the symptoms associated with the problem are common amongst most women out there. On an average, a woman experiences this condition when she reaches the hallmark age of 45. That being said, there is no age limit or restrictions with pre-menopause. Women in their 20s can display signs of pre-menopause, and in some cases women in their late sixties can exhibit pre-menopause signs. This period lasts for about 1 to 5 years.

During pre-menopause, the body experiences lots of changes. The most drastic change is fluctuation in hormone levels and menstrual cycles. Menstrual cycles will get shorted due to the decline in the estrogen level, thereby leading to regular periods. That being said, some women may display contrast behavior. They might have less periods, but longer menstrual cycles. In some cases, women may skip their periods.

Besides the change in menstrual cycles, pre-menopause arrives with hosts of other symptoms such as weight gain, tenderness in the breast, headaches, dryness in the vaginal and lack of sleep. You will often witness women’s complaining about weight gain during pre-menopause. Apart from this, lots of emotional changes will be experienced by a woman such as irritability, extreme anxiety and depression. Some women may find it extremely difficult to handle stress. Hot flashes and frequent mood swings are also a common sight.

Amongst the rare signs and symptoms linked with pre-menopause are lack of sexual desire, hair loss and inability to hold urine. Also, don’t be alarmed if you start forgetting things. As you see, there are plenty of symptoms, which will help you gauge this condition.

Being aware of the above mentioned symptoms will certainly help you deal with the condition better. After all,”forewarned is being forearmed”. Also, it’s in your favor to have a word with your physician about the long term symptoms associated with pre-menopause, especially those which are causing lots of discomfort. The doctor will recommend you to bring about some changes in your diet and lifestyle. You will be asked to include certain vitamins in your diet. Besides this, indulging in regular exercise is a common advice given by most doctors out there.

Also, there are several over the counter medications, which can provide relieve from these symptoms. Goes without saying, these medications should only be taken upon doctor’s recommendation.

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  • Great article – helped me to understand a little bit more of what I am going though now at the age of 44 (started when I was 43).

  • Thank You for the information, i know now that it is time to see the Dr since i am only 27 and have many symptoms

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