Women Over 40, Improve Your Love Life by Dating Younger Men


When it comes to dating younger men for middle aged women, opinion is very much divided. They certainly have both strong points and weak points, so the question is – would going for a younger improve your love life or make it worse?

As a general rule younger guys are obviously going to be less mature. This can be a problem for women looking for a relationship, but even those just looking for a little fun can find it occasionally distracting or embarrassing, particularly if you were hoping to take them out on dates in public etc.

Maturity brings with it a whole different perspective on life and this can leave you with very different attitudes and not so much to talk about. At the same time you will have had completely different life experiences, while you will have maybe had children, done many jobs, perhaps been in serious relationships before – a younger guy will not be able to relate to any of that. Meanwhile as you are starting to deal with the rigours of old age, he will still be just finding his feet. Though of course the argument there is that this could give you more to offer each other as you guide him through his formative years and he help you to re-find your youth. At the same time with the maturity aspect guys differ greatly in their developmental rate (as do we all) so you can be sure that there is someone out there suitable for you within any age range – they might just be harder to fine.

At the same time these younger guys will lack experience. This might be noticeable in the bedroom and you might find sex does not last as long which is something of a stereotype surrounding younger men.

What they lack in experience however, younger men will make up for with energy, zest and enthusiasm and that is really their main selling point. If you found that previous partners were dull and seemed old, spent most of their time reading or watching television, going to the same pub every night, and/or that they would lost interest in sex; then you can expect something entirely different with a younger man. There enthusiasm and energy is likely to show in the way they treat you on dates to the way they are with you in the bedroom. Sure maybe they will finish more quickly, but wouldn’t you rather twenty minutes of fun bliss to four hours of monotonous grinding anyway? If you feel your love life needs an injection of something new and exciting, then you might find that a younger man has an awful lot to offer you. And apart from anything else, younger men have much firmer butts…

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