Kissing 101 – Learn the Different Kinds of Kisses

Kissing might seem like the most natural thing in the world, but in fact it is an art and one that requires practice and understanding. There are different types of kiss for example which not many people are aware of and these can be organised into a sort of ‘kissing hierarchy’ for different occasions and people. Of course we all have a basic understanding that you do not kiss your partner’s parents on the lips, but it extends much beyond this into a range of different emotions and feelings you can convey with the right kind of kiss as well as the different techniques and styles you can use to mix it up a bit with your partner.

The first and most simple is the basic peck on the cheeks. This is the obvious kiss to use with people you do not know that well, relatives and at formal occasions. At the same time it can also be quite sweet to show someone you like them, or that you are grateful for something they have done. An unexpected peck on the cheek can be a lot more powerful than you might at first expect and even start the beginning of a serious crush if used wisely.

The next step up is of course a peck on the lips and the meaning of this kiss depends very much on the crowd. While some people consider it okay to kiss their family on the lips, or even friends, others think it is something that should be reserved for more romantic connections. In this scenario it can be a useful one for formal occasions again, if you want to kiss your partner in public or with friends (anything else will put them off their meal, really do not do it) and can also be good for the end of a date. The peck on the lips can often spark something that can lead into a bigger kiss, so if you are nervous about kissing someone at the end of a date then use this technique first, and if that seems well received follow it up with a longer kiss on the mouth.

The longer kiss on the mouth is the next step and definitely one that is best reserved for romantic attractions. This kiss is one that should be used firmly and decisively and is a nice way to say you like or love someone. It is distinct from a snog or French kiss in that there is no tongue involved, and once you progress to tongue it is often cast aside as unnecessary, but that is at your own expense as the kiss is actually very romantic and expressive – more so in many ways than the snog which is more a physical sign of lust. It can also be held for a long time and by pressing your partner in you can show conviction and love. This is why it is the kiss that most use at their weddings or before they go to sleep. It is also a good ‘goodbye’ or ‘hello’ kiss for a partner.

A kiss on the mouth can be pretty lustful too though. If you want to send your partner into a frenzy, then use lots of fairly short kisses on the lips and grow in speed and intensity as you go – this is incredibly erotic and more so than tongue as it is more teasing. Similarly try kissing around your partner’s mouth – around the sides and on just the top lip before heading eventually onto the lips for a long one. An interesting tip is to allow the noises created by kissing to happen as these can actually be quite sexy in their own right.

Of course from here if things are starting to get heated the only next step is in. Push your tongue into your partner’s mouth and begin exploring the inside of their mouth or wrap your tongue around theirs. The problem with this kiss is that it is fairly static, so you need to mix it up with other types of kiss to – the closed-mouth kiss on the lips and others. This type of kiss is definitely one that shows passion and is either a substitute or prelude to sex really and that means that anything goes. One very hot move for example is to suck your partner’s bottom lip, or even to suck their tongue (but do not do this too hard as it can really hurt). Another great move is to take it away after kissing passionately with tongues and to start rubbing your lips on theirs without allowing them to kiss you which can be a great way to get someone worked up. Gently biting too is a great move and from here you can also start kissing them down their neck or sucking their ear lobe – at which point you have the opportunity to progress into full blown foreplay if you want to.

Remember finally when kissing passionately not to let your arms just hang down by your side and it is incredibly important what you do with your hands – caress their skin, stroke their hair, the back of their neck and as things start getting more heated start touching their buttocks or stomach under their clothes. Press your bodies together and generally the more points of contact they feel the more into the kiss they will become.

As you can see then a kiss can serve many roles and be used to convey all kinds of emotions and to elicit others. Use them suitably then and practice technique to have people eating out of your hands.

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