List of Weird Phobias

Phobia is referred to a condition, wherein a person displays fear towards something, which might not really be harmful in the first place. Trickling market reports suggest that nearly 10% of the human population lives with some kind of fear. As such, phobia can be referred as an advanced stage of fear.

You must have already encountered people with several different kinds of phobia. The most common phobias include fear from heights, pests, darkness and water. You would be surprised to know that the lists of phobias are virtually endless. Let me introduce you to some surprisingly weird phobias.


As much as it may sound weird, the reality is that an individual suffering from clinophobia fears going to bed. More than often, the victim may experience anxiety, despite being aware of the fact that heading towards the bed for a good night’s sleep is a natural process, and should not harm their health. This phobia often leads to insomnia due to lack of sleep.


Agrizoophobia is characterized by fear towards wild animals. In most cases, the victims end up overestimating the dangers associated with wild creatures.


This is one of the most unique phobias out there characterized by fear of one’s stepmother. One of the reasons cited for the cause of this phobia is fairy tale movies.


Sun bathing may not be a great experience for everyone out there, especially those who have an uncanny fear of the sun. Heliophobia victims fear the sun rays. Sounds bizarre, isn’t it?


Alektorophobia is a phobia linked with chickens. A person suffering from this phobia will fear about anything related to chicken such as chicken eggs, features etc. In some cases, uttering or hearing the word “chicken” can send shivers down the victim’s spine.


Amaxophobia victims fear travelling in a moving object such as a vehicle. These individuals do not travel a lot due to this fear and are often seen confined within the four walls of their house.


Can you imagine that there is a small chunk of people who fear pleasure? Individuals affected by hedonophobia feel guilty over pleasurable moments, considering the fact that there are truckloads of less fortunate individuals out there suffering from various ailments and hardships on life.


It might be surprising for you to know that some individuals have fear towards Chinese and their culture.


Fear of living with parents-in-law is referred as soceraphobia. Even if they are blessed with a good parents-in-law, they might still be living under the constant fear of their in-laws.


Surprising as it may sound, ombrophobia victims fear of rain. These individuals do not step out of their doorsteps during rainy seasons. There have been reports in the past, wherein individuals were seen confined within their home for several months due to fear of rain.


Nobody would love to go bald. In some cases, individuals get so conscious that they develop a fear of turning bald.


Pharmacophobia victims fear from consuming medicines. These individuals will try to avoid medicines by all means.

By and large, rare cases of these phobias have been reported so far. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that these are amongst the weird phobias out there.

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