Tips for Increasing Creativity

Creativity is an individual’s ability to think out of the box and come up with something new. One can also consider creativity as a mental process of coming up with ideas out of the blue. More than often, success is attributed to creativity. After all, most successful people out there are believed to be trend setters because of their creative minds. In fact, it won’t be an understatement to claim that raw talent fails in comparison to creativity. Despite being hugely talented, your chances of making it to the top are really pale without creativity resting by your side. You won’t be able to use or exploit your talent to the fullest.

Irrespective of what you do to earn your bread and better, creativity can be your best friend. There are instances when we encounter roadblocks in our mind. We simply run out of creative thoughts and ideas. Lack of creativity can steal us of our prosperity and potential good times. The best part is that creativity can be developed to ensure that we make the most of the opportunities in life. Let’s take a look on how to get the creative juices flowing.


Relaxing is sometimes considered as the best means to increase creativity. You need to choose a quiet place and pay heed to the silent moments without bothering about your environment. Focus on your thoughts and enjoy what comes in your way. At times, silence can do wonders beyond one’s wildest imagination.


It’s a proven fact that exercise increases oxygen flow to the brain. Also, exercise is responsible for reducing stress by giving rise to stress-killing hormones. Remember, a stressed mind would barely come up with innovative ideas, whereas a fresh mind will fetch you creative ones. There are plenty of other health benefits associated with regular exercise. The positive side of exercise will certainly contribute towards your creativity in the short run as well as long run.


We all know that a tired and weary mind can do no good for our health. While it might be tempting to short-change your sleep, it’s imperative that you supply your body with at least 6-8 hours of sleep on daily basis. Goes without saying, don’t expect a sleep deprived mind to present you with creative ideas.


To get the creative juices flowing, brainstorming will also help you a great deal. Writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper often serves as a perfect platform to invite new and creative ideas.


More than often, we might end up striking gold while communicating with our friends. It doesn’t really matter if your friends work in the same field as you do. In fact, if your friends work in different fields, it helps you think about things from a different perspective, thus providing a new dimension to your brimming ideas.

Remember, encouraging creativity is the best means to develop creativity. We all know that encouragement works in all walks of life. The same principle applies over here!

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