IQ and Creativity

An intelligent person is believed to be very creative in life. Individuals who have achieved significant name and fame in their respective fields are considered to be intelligent, and with intelligent follows creativity. The fact that a person has made it to the top indicates that the person is intelligent and smart enough to achieve the ladder of success.

If you are amongst the club of individuals who believe on the above said statement, then you may want to fine-tune your thoughts. This is because reality may have a twist in the tale. There is no record out there which can prove that a highly intelligent person may be a highly creative person as well. Some guys may be downright intelligent, but very dumb, when it comes to showcasing their creativity. Think deeply you about this, and you will realize that you know someone who is very intelligent but not creative at all. May be the person could be your relative, friend or colleague.

As such, it’s a common belief that there is a relationship between IQ and creativity. However, this notion is far from truth. Recent studies have unveiled the fact that there is no direct relationship between IQ and creativity. Both these factors are considered as two separate objects as they have different roles to play.

As such, proving the relationship between creativity and IQ is not simple on all accounts, considering the fact that it’s not easy to measure creativity. Even an IQ test may not necessarily showcase precise results. Whether IQ test is the best way to gauge a person’s intelligence is still a debatable issue. Remember, these tests are mere indicators of your potential capabilities in the present. You might be able to figure out where you will end up in life. However, a low IQ test result does not mean failure, nor high results guarantee success. They are simply meant to be a meaningful experience, which is supposed to give you a fair idea about your venture in life.

A person with high IQ level may not necessarily posses high level of creativity. On the other hand, a person with high level of creativity may not necessarily showcase high IQ levels. As such, each and every individual out there is blessed with certain level of creativity within them. Coming to IQ, an average person has an IQ level of 100. These are amongst the club of individuals who complete their high school studies successfully. Some of these individuals even finish their college education.

There are plenty of ways by which one can improve his/her creativity and IQ level. Some of the means to improve IQ and creativity might be the same. However, this does not prove the fact that both have a direct relationship with each other.

There is lots of uncertainty in the air when it comes to proving the relationship between IQ and creativity. There are two roads of thoughts involved in this matter, and the debate seems heated as always, thus adding to our apprehensions regarding this issue.

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