The Importance of Birth Control

Birth control is something that should not be taken lightly under any circumstances. While the arguments about the population and the strain on society are all very relevant (and often heard) though, it is more the affect that it has on an individual and a couple – not to mention the child – that makes it so important.

Having children in and of itself is not a bad thing, however this is only the case if you are financially and emotionally stable and ready to support the child. In the case of teenage pregnancies for example, often the situation results in the girl having to drop out of school or higher education in order to have their baby. This then ruins any prospects they might have had of a successful career and the life experience that comes with it in order to raise a child. Following this they would then be forced to rely financially on either their partner, or their parents, or a combination of both. Again this would result in the male having to finish their education and quickly find a job that would give them a stable salary. With no time to have saved any money however they would still be forced to rely on either council housing, or their parents for support, and this in turn would create a less than perfect environment for a child to be raised. In many cases this then strains relationships between the mother of the child and those helping her to support it.

For the child this often results in a mixed up environment where they are unsure who their real parents are, where perhaps their Mother is more like a sister, or where perhaps their Father is absent. At the same time they will be being brought up on a highly shoe string budget in an environment where relationships are strained between everyone involved and they know that they are the reason for all the arguments that ensue (and that they weren’t ‘wanted’ in the first place).

And it is not just for teenagers that this would be a problem. For anyone who wasn’t ‘ready’ for a child this results in a premature marriage that will often end in divorce, feelings of resentment and unfulfilled dreams and ambitions, and still a lack of assets and finances. Two people at the starts of their career, unmarried and without their own home are in no position to begin raising a child.

Though having a child is likely to be the single most rewarding experiencing in your life, it is also an experience that dominates your life. You will not therefore get to do any of the other things that you should have done – travelled, progressed in your career, taken time to find the right partner – and all these things are a recipe for a mid life crisis. In such a situation not only you, but everyone close to you that you will inevitably depend on, will be ‘robbed’ of their rightful life experience, and there is simply no need to do this to yourself or them.

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