What Type of Bra Should You Wear?

Just because a bra is not seen underneath your clothes, it would be a mistake to believe that it does not have a large impact on the way you look. In fact it possibly has one of the largest bearings on your overall appearance and can improve your posture, increase the size and positioning of your breasts, enhance your cleavage and more. At the same time they need to be coordinated with the rest of your outfit in order to prevent them from showing out of your clothes or looking out of place.

For example, if you have a boob tube then it is very important to wear a strapless bra. The idea of boob tubes and strapless dresses is to show off your shoulder and neck line, and a pair of bra straps showing underneath will look out of place and ruin the look (not to mention the fact that you will essentially be showing everyone your underwear). A strapless bra will instead act like a boob tube and hold itself up by being well fitted around the back.

At the same time you need to choose the colour of your bra wisely for your clothes. If you have a white top for example, then wearing a black bra is a bad move as it will again show through your clothes which is a style faux pas.

The event that you are partaking in also need to dictate the type of bra you use. For example if you are going running then you will need more support, particularly if you have a large cup size, as your breasts will otherwise ‘bounce’ up and down and cause you pain. For such situations then a sports bra or a support bra will serve you well and also look the part.

Choosing a bra the rest of the time will depend on your personal physique. The bra size should be well chosen and fitted to offer maximum support and visual impact. At the same time though, different styles can also suit different sizes.

For example if you have a smaller bra size, then a balcony bra is a good option. These cover only half of the breasts from underneath, pushing them upwards and exposing more of the flesh creating the impression of bigger breasts. At the same time many ‘multiway bras’ will similarly cover a smaller proportion of the breasts for a bustier look. Meanwhile padded bras will actually physically make your breasts larger by adding a layer of padding that will show through clothes and make your breasts as large or small as you want them to be.

For those with large breasts you will need wider shoulder and back straps for better support. If you find that your breasts sag slightly under the weight, then getting under-wire bras will give them a frame work, almost a ‘scaffolding’ to lift them resulting in a healthier and more prominent looking breast. Another tip is to get a bra which covers more of the breast such as a full cup which holds their shape better. Experiment with different bras, get consultation, and ensure that you buy lots of bras for multiple occasions.

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