Clothes Shopping – Tips for Showing Off Your Shape

Clothes should perform many functions and save many roles. Of course they are initially intended to provide comfort and warmth and protection from the weather which could be considered their ‘primary’ role. At the same time they should look good and stylish, and this is generally what dictates how we choose our clothes – which colours we like and what styles are currently in fashion.

Finally though they should also emphasis how good we look and ‘show off’ our shape and best features. They should hide any rolls of fat, and make our chest look larger and legs look longer. This is a very subtle function however and requires careful consideration. Here it is not necessarily about how the clothes look in themselves, but also in how they work with your particular look and how they can create optical illusions to alter proportions and perceptions.

For example, in order for a top to make your chest or breasts look larger, you can utilise horizontal stripes across the area. These create the impression of width and force an observer to look left to right. As such the area will look larger and the breasts will look bigger as a result.

The same works the other way however and vertical lines can similarly make something appear longer, or in our case taller. Thus for someone short, horizontal lines can make them look taller and slimmer by drawing the eye up and down. Similarly vertical lines on trousers could make your legs look longer and slimmer which is of course a bonus.

As horizontal and vertical lines are meant to go together, this means that you should really opt for one over the other and this is where it becomes important to work with your own body shape and strengths and weaknesses. For example someone tall and flat chested might want to avoid vertical lines, whereas someone short and plump could benefit from them well (though some statistics suggest this is not the case). Another good trick for those with a smaller bust, is to use high-necked tops, which cover the chest and force the top to push against them more. Surprisingly this creates a more pert appearance for them.

As well as shapes, colours too can create optical illusions making things look larger or hiding them. Black, which absorbs light for instance, is known for its slimming properties which makes it useful for slimming certain areas. For example a black dress or a black shirt can be a good way to hide extra fat around the stomach or waist. At the same time using dark colours as the base means that brighter colours will stand out more which enables you to draw attention to them. For example them, a black top to slim your upper half can increase the impact of a bright skirt used to draw attention to the legs.

Patterning too is a good way to disguise rolls of fat and less ‘streamlined’ areas. This works because the material is already busy which hides the way the light falls and creases in the clothes which expose the folds and rolls in our skin. This is a good way to hide your less proud features as it is also very fashionable at the moment – particularly ‘granny pattern’ which is the coverage of flowers.

As well as the colour and pattern of the clothes, you should also look into the fit of the material. Here wearing something tight will show off your figure, whereas something looser can disguise it. However you should be careful how you do this as if you wear entirely baggy clothes it will just make you look large and ‘frumpy’ rather just disguising unwanted weight. If the image someone catches out of the corner of their eye is of someone who has no figure and takes up a lot of space, then that will not make you look slim for obvious reasons.

What’s more sensible then is to combine baggy clothes with more figure hugging ones. This way you can hide the areas of fat that you are not proud of, but still demonstrate that you at least have slim elements. For example then you might wear a tight pair of trousers or leggings with a baggy jumper. This way the illusion is then created that what’s under the baggy clothes is the same kind of proportions as what’s showing. Thus people would assume unconsciously that the body under the jumper is the same shape as the legs. Alternatively you can wear a long skirt or baggy trousers with a tight top to hide a thick pair of legs.

This has another bonus too, and that is that it makes the thin area look even thinner in comparison to the larger area under the baggy clothes. If you have a large baggy jumper, and coming out of it are two long, thin legs, then they are only going to look longer and thinner as a result. Another way to achieve this effect without wearing any baggy clothes is to wear flared jeans, a wide skirt, or big boots (such as ugg boots) with bare legs or tights.

Another way to use baggy clothes to enhance your figure is to use a belt. A loosely fitted long top for example with a belt around your waist can hide a stomach while showing off a wide waist.

In other words there are any number of tricks you can use to enhance your figure and to make the most of your body, and you can combine multiple methods to create a look that really emphasises your body. Be sure to experiment and to try different things out, and you would probably be surprised as what a transformation you are capable of.

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