Bra Size – Get the Right Size for Your Breasts

Getting the correct bra size is an important way to improve the appearance of your bust and can help to lift them, bring them together and to provide proper support. Having a bra size that’s too big for you will result in your breasts looking ‘deflated’ or lost among the padding, or can result in them sagging and having no support which can also be painful when you run etc. Meanwhile having a bra size that is too small can squeeze and hurt your breasts, flatten them so making them look smaller, or look indecent. The perfect size will result in your breasts being lifted up, packed in tightly and supported comfortably and firmly.

To find the correct bra size you need to understand how the system works. You might have heard people boast that they are a 34DD, etc, but many people do not actually know what this actually means. That’s fine for men, but for women it is highly important to understand what they are buying and what their bra size means to ensure they achieve optimum comfort and appearance. Even for women who have a good idea of what it means, they might not realise precisely what options are available and what every cup size denotes.

Essentially then, if you have a ‘34DD’ bra size, that means that the strap around your back needs to be 34 inches. This of course takes into consideration both the size of your breasts, and the width of your back. The letter or letters at the end then indicate the ‘cup size’ meaning essentially how round the breasts are. An overweight woman with small breasts might be a 36B, where as a thin women with large breasts might be a 30G.

The letters are in alphabetical order then, with a J generally being the highest and an A being the lowest. However things get more complicated here as a ‘DD’ is larger than a ‘D’ but smaller than an ‘E’, whereas there is no such thing as a ‘EE’ or a ‘CC’. What makes life more confusing still is that an ‘AA’ is smaller than an A not larger. This can make it confusing when trying to find a bra that’s the perfect fit. If you find you are slightly smaller than a B for example and make the logical conclusion that an AA might be the next step, you would likely find yourself in pain.

The exact sequence of cup sizes goes: AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, I and you can refer to this when choosing a bra. For a perfect fit however it is recommended that you get advice from a professional who will help you find the perfect bra for your body shape. Once you’ve had this done once this should help to guide you in future as you select new bras. Do be aware though that the exact differences between these sizes will vary from shop to shop, so while you might have an idea of your rough bra size, it is still worth trying on several bras to find the one that best fits.

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