Pubic Topiary – The Brazilian Landing Strip Is So Passe!

Pubic hair in itself is not known for being sexy. The hairs are wiry, short and curly and often shiny enough to unfortunately look greasy. When these hairs then get out of control on a woman it can actually be quite off putting for a man. Eventually if left un-trimmed they will even start to show from the rear, creating the look of a hairy buttocks; and out the side of the bikini showing all and sundry. Apart from anything else, having a well trimmed downstairs will increase your chances of oral sex.

Obviously then some maintenance of the pubic region is necessary, and a lot of women will simply maintain their pubic hair by trimming it regularly to keep it short. This is called the ‘bikini line’ or ‘bikini wax’, and was designed specifically for use with the bikini meaning that everything is left apart from those areas that are covered by the lower half of the bikini. However this is only a basic level of pubic hair maintenance, and while it will prevent the pubic hair from looking off putting, nor will it look particularly exciting or inviting. It will just be… standard.

This is why many women now choose to go for more creative pubic topiary and to have their pubes professionally waxed, or to shave and wax their own into more advanced looks. This then becomes a great treat for a man who will be excited to discover a pubic region akin to his beloved porn films, or just one that looks more tidy and attractive. It may not sound it, but this is actually an incredibly sweet gesture you can make for a man, being a very private area and taking quite a lot of thought and effort to do.

One popular look here is the ‘landing strip’ look and this is one that many women go for these days. By landing strip is meant a single strip of pubic hair that goes over the vagina itself, leaving the rest of the legs and groin area smooth and clear. This is really quite a minimal look and in this scenario less is certainly more. The other option is to go for a complete ‘Hollywood wax’ (also known as the ‘Brazilian wax’ and leave the pubic region entirely bare. This option is far more like something out of a porno and is bound to make your fella gasp with excited anticipation. At the same time for you this also has the added bonus of meaning he can see precisely what he is doing. This might be a bit much for some women however who can feel slightly naked and exposed without some coverage over the area. Other women find a Brazilian too painful, and find that they get irritation from cunnilingus from men with beards as a result of the style. Go with what you feel comfortable with then, and at the same time try to react to your man’s reactions – not all men like the same thing and some guys find a completely waxed vagina off putting.

At the same time, while a landing strip or Brazilian wax are nice gestures and will be sure to make for fun in the bedroom, they are not actually that rare these days and are in fact not particularly creative – what with there being a vast catalogue of different shapes and sizes now to choose from. Among others you have: the full bikini, where there is just a small patch of hair on the mound of Venus; the European, which is very similar; the triangle, which is trimmed neatly above the vagina almost like an arrow; the moustache, which is a wide rectangle just above the genital slit (also known hilariously as ‘Hitler’s moustache’) and the Playboy Strip in which everything is removed apart from a long narrow strip four centimetres wide.

Other more creative options involve stencils which allow for specific and more complicated shape which can be further combined with dye. A great romantic surprise then that many women sport on Valentine’s day, is a pubic region cut into the shape of a heart an then dyed pink or red. Similarly other options could be a star, a circle, a Christmas tree or anything else you can think of (within reason). This way you are now limited only by your imagination, meaning you can create any kind of sexy surprise for your boyfriend and that even a simple landing strip or Brazilian are now kind of passé. Mix it up from time to time, and you can be sure to reap the rewards!

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  1. Anonymous Reply
    June 14, 2011 at 6:09 am

    Did you know that John Ruskin, eminent Victorian art critic and patron of the pre-Raphaelite Movement, was so appalled to discover his wife had public hair that he refused to consummate his marriage? Like porn today, pubes weren't depicted in art, you see, so he grew up with an entirely false idea of what an unclothed woman actually looks like. An idea, incidentally largely promoted by male artists. Cheers for this crass, shamelessly money-grubbing attempt to set the world back a hundred years by giving women yet more pointless reasons to waste time, dosh and emotional energy loathing their bodies.

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