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A ‘cankle’ is an unfortunate term used to describe those whose ankles have become hidden by a role of fat. The term is derived from the words ‘ankle’ and ‘calf’ with the two running into each other just as the calf and ankle seem to. This is often considered as an ‘unofficial’ measure of obesity, with people often deciding whether they or others are overweight based on the existence or absence of ‘cankles’. For this reason then it is reasonable to expect those who do suffer from cankles to want to try and have them removed in some way.

Of course the best way to deal with cankles is to go through a change of lifestyle and diet and to try and improve your weight and physical condition generally. This way you will not only lose your cankles but also deal with clear underlying weight and health issues to prevent other cosmetic and health related problems.

However some people will still opt for cankle surgery as the best route and here they will have two different options to pick from. The first is liposuction, and here a thin tube called a ‘cannula’ will be inserted into an incision in the ankle. From here you will then be subjected to oscillation which involves powerful vibrations used to break up the fat cells into fluid. The fluid is then drained through the cannula resulting in less fat around the cankles. It is worth bearing in mind however that this will sometimes result in excess skin remaining which can still droop over the ankles. This then is a better option for those with rubbery skin and who aren’t too severely over weight. Combined to the before image however, this will still result in ankles which look a lot thinner, and excess skin can usually be tightened with stitches.

Another option for cankle surgery is to get a ‘calf implant’ which takes the opposite approach of inserting a silicone calf into the leg to make the calf larger and define it from the ankle in that way. This method is not appropriate for those who are overweight, as should they then lose the weight they would then have overly large calves. This method then is instead used for those who are thinner and still have cankles due to their natural physique. The after effect of this procedure is very different tightening the skin and making the legs appear more defined.

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