Do Boa Constrictors Make Good Pets?

Goes without saying, boa constrictors make a stunning pet for the right pet owner. As such, they belong to a family of snakes and are often mistaken as pythons because of similar personality traits. Boa constrictors are mainly found in the hot tropical regions of the world. They can survive on ground as well as trees.

By nature, they are slow creatures and they are not very foodie type, which makes it easy for pet lovers to own them. One would be surprised to know that boa constrictors can live without food for over a week after feeding on a good large prey. If you have fancied being a proud owner of such a creature, then you should consider several things before you realize your dream of adapting a boa constrictor.

Remember, taking care of boa constrictors require great amount of commitment and patience from your end to ensure that they lead a healthy and long life. Unlike other pets out there, they require a controlled environment. One should consider factors such as humidity, feeding pattern and temperature requirement beforehand.

Adult boa constrictors feed on big rabbits and rats. Remember, these creatures can survive for nearly thirty long years and they can grow up to 10-feet long. Some boa constrictors have recorded weight of over sixty pounds. A snake of this size and weight will require great space. Your best bet would be to supply them with a large and secure place to stay. Also, it’s in your best interest to handle them with the aid of a second person.

While they don’t have a great appetite like pythons, adult boa constrictors do need large animals for food. You will have to either feed them with multiple rats or hunt around for bigger preys such as rabbit.

If you think that you won’t be able to meet any of the above mentioned basic requirements, then it’s recommended that you drop your plans of caging a boa constrictor. In fact, there is no option over here but to disregard the impulse feeling of owning this pet. That being said, it’s less demanding to own a boa constrictor than a dog, once you have taken care of the basics. For instance, you won’t have to wake up early morning to take it for a ride or come home early to feed them and so on.

As such, boa constrictors are not aggressive by nature. But, you need to respect their large size and inherent strength. Besides being a challenge, they are adorable animals to have. Considering their long lifespan of 30 years, you can’t override your responsibilities as a pet owner after a couple of years. Long term commitment is a must to ensure that boa constrictors live to the optimum. That being said, they aren’t very hard to find in a pet shop. It’s ideal for those who can handle pet responsibilities, and not get terrified by the thought of owning a 10-foot long creature at home.

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