Living in the NOW and Depression

One can either live in the NOW or be depressed. It’s virtually impossible to achieve both these state of mind at the same time. Living in the NOW indicates that a person is highly motivated, self-driven and hell-bent on accomplishing his/her goals in life. A person with this attitude is loaded with positive energy. On the other hand, individuals living with depression are seen low on energy. Lack of confidence, decreased motivation and increased negativity are some of the apparent features seen amongst these individuals.

In other words, living in the NOW and living in depression are two opposite sides of a coin. There is no “grey” area involved over here. The pointblank truth is that both these terms are influenced by completely different state of mind. For some individuals, it’s easy to slip into depression due to unpleasant situations in life, whereas they may find it very difficult to live in the NOW, primarily due to the influence of negative thoughts and experiences in life.

Individuals living in the NOW will most likely not fall prey to depression because of their positive frame of mind. These individuals tend to live life to the fullest, irrespective of the situations in life. When you tend to enjoy life to the fullest, unwanted stress and worries are kept at bay, thereby avoiding any kind of unpleasant ailment such as depression.

That being said, living in the NOW is easier said than done. While there are many books, motivational songs, advices etc readily available at our disposal to encourage us to live in the NOW, most of them may not really come to your rescue. Remember, the application part is very different and difficult than reading or listening to a particular thing.

We all know that living in the present can do wonders in our life. They can invite healthy dose of smile on your face and make your life even better. On practical terms, you won’t find lots of people living with this attitude towards life, because most are us are engulfed with financial problems, responsibilities and other hiccups in life. In fact, some of these troubles can even lead to depression.

While living in the NOW can improve your life drastically, depression can change your life as well, but not for the good. Depression can invite heaps of ailments in your life. Not only will you feel more depressed, but you will also end up with a huge pile of medical bills.

It’s imperative for each and every individual out there to focus on measures that help can help them live in today. While in most cases, one can’t expect overnight success over depression, depression can be fought successfully with focus and positive frame of mind. Also, living in the NOW lifestyle can be developed with proper practice and positive thoughts. Remember, depression or any other ailment is not larger than life. That being said, you can enjoy larger benefits in life, if you start living in the NOW. You got to live it to experience it!

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