How to Get Over a Broken Heart – Tips to Speed Up the Healing Process

A broken heart is as painful as it sounds, and unfortunately there is currently no surgery or treatment known to man that can repair it. This leaves it up to you to recover from a broken heart and fortunately there are some things you can do to at least speed up the process and numb the pain in the meantime.

Before you can mend a broken heart you first need to want to mend it. This might sound strange – surely no one wants a broken heart? – but in fact many people will purposefully ‘wallow’ in their sadness as a way to be close to the person who we have lost. After spending days, months or years in a relationship we do not want to immediately forget them. Sometimes focussing on the pain can make you feel as though they never truly left, but what you have to do is to recognise this as unhealthy and to try and move on for yourself and for those around you.

Many people will then use the technique of thinking of all the bad and negative things about their old relationship. This is an unfortunate mistake however and to do so is to cast a bad light on what was likely a very happy time in your life. There is no reason to sully your memory of a person and of a period in your life when you could move on in a happy and calm way.

One thing you will have to do is remove the constant reminders of your relationship. This does not have to be a ritualistic burning, but simply placing pictures in drawers and perhaps changing your screen saver. Make sure you put other nice things in their place and do not leave them bare.

What is important is that you get outside and busy yourself with doing other things. Try to spend more time doing the things that perhaps your relationship took away from – whether that is seeing friends, partaking in hobbies, playing sports or just relaxing in front of the television. Do not shut yourself off from attention from the opposite sex and start enjoying the feeling of being single and free. Try not to concern yourself with how quickly you will find a new partner but instead let it run its natural course – do not feel pressured by society because you are single.

One thing that many people find when they break up from a long-term relationship is that they feel lonely. Try to counter this by spending a lot of time around other people and arranging a lot of social activities. Essentially the main problem is that you are going to be leaving a hole in your life by having such a large part of it removed. To overcome this you need to fill it with other things, and see the positive side of having more spare time and freedom. Try to focus on the positives rather than the negatives – see your experience as a positive learning curve and something that you enjoyed at the time, but be ready to embrace the new day and the possibilities it holds.

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