Why Hair Drug Tests Can't Be Cheated


Drug usage has increased greatly nowadays, and many teenagers are becoming victims of drug addiction. However, all this can be changed if your teenager knows that you as a parent are very strict about drug usage. They should also know that you can catch hold of him or her easily if they have used drugs. So, how to catch hold of your teenager who is using drugs? Hair drug testing is a powerful way to check for drug usage. This is a proof method that eliminates all possible chances of cheating the sample. This article provides more insight into hair drug testing and its benefits.

Generally, urine or blood samples are used for drug testing. But, it is easy to alter these samples either by addition of chemicals or by heating. The culprit can even escape saying that the drugs found in their urine sample are due to the medications that are being used for some disease. But, all such tricks to alter the test results can be overcome by hair drug testing. It is impossible to get rid of the drugs that have entered into the hair follicle by washing with shampoos or with other chemicals.

In this method of hair drug testing, hair sample is collected either from the head or body right from the root. This hair is sent to the lab where it is liquefied to identify the chemicals present in it. All the drugs that you have used get metabolized and pass into the hair. So, if you have used drugs it will be shown in your hair sample and you cannot cheat on this.

However, there is one drawback with this excellent proof technique. It is not possible to identify instantaneous drug usage. It takes about a week to ten days for the metabolized elements to pass into the growing hair. But, this test is the best to identify a person’s drug history in the past thirty days to ninety days. This is impossible with either blood or urine samples. Another great advantage is that it is easy to store the samples and do not need any special care. The samples are also easy to collect and carry.

Hair drug testing is no exception to other techniques and has its own disadvantages. As mentioned above, it is not possible to identify instantaneous drug usage; this takes time for about two to three days to obtain results. It cannot be done anywhere. It has to be done only in the laboratory as it is done using the most sophisticated techniques such as gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy that use very expensive equipment that are impossible to carry and setup everywhere. Another drawback associated is it is a very expensive technique compared to urine and blood tests.

From the above discussion, it can be understood that hair drug testing is a very accurate technique and is the most widely used method for drug testing. Hence, use this technique to correctly identify the culprit. By offering all the needed help, people who are addicted to drug usage can slowly start to lead a life free of drug usage.

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