Top Tips to Improve Myopia

Suffering with myopia makes life miserable. People with near sightedness should wear glasses all the time. Myopia is more commonly seen in people who spend great number of hours in front of computer screens or in those who read or write for long hours. However, many say that myopia can be improved by following some simple tips. Here are some certain top tips that are proven to work in improving myopia.

• Stress is the major cause for developing myopia. If you are a book worm or a person who remains in front of a computer screen for many hours try to give enough rest for your eyes. It is not just the body; even your eyes need rest. Some people who feel tired continue reading or working by relaxing in an easy chair or lying down on a bed. If the body feels tired, you will feel dizziness, body pains or other signs. But, you may not even know that your eyes are tired unless you show worst signs of watery eyes or painful eyeballs piercing out. To relax your eyes, you do not have to sleep. Just, go out for a walk or just close your eyes for about ten seconds once in every hour while you are working.

• Another easy way to relax your eyes as well as to improve myopia is doing a gentle massage of your eyes. Just the body pains begin to improve after having a good massage; eyes also start to relax after a gentle massage. Just massage the muscles surrounding the eyes for a minute. Massage can be done with a finger tip.

• Hot water bath relaxes your body greatly. Similarly, give the same warmth feeling to your eyes.

• Rub your palms against each other. They will get heated. Now, cup them over the eyes. Your eyes will feel refreshed by repeating the same thrice or more.

• Exercising the body keeps it in a perfect condition. But, many of us do not practice any exercise to maintain healthy eyes. Try to rotate your eyeball in all directions slowly. This is a very simple and very good exercise for eyes. It is very simple and can be done by trying to view all directions without turning the face.

• Some people suffer with myopia, even though they read very less or do not watch TV or spend very much time in front of a computer. This is mainly due to having a weak body. Myopia due to this reason can be improved by having supplements containing vitamin A, C, E and zinc. Increase the consumption of vegetables such as carrots and fruits like papaya that are rich in vitamin A.

• Lastly, another simple measure that helps to avoid myopia is diverting your attention towards a far object once in a while if you have to work on any object that requires keen or very close vision such as repairing electronic gadgets.


  1. Johnathan Reply
    January 22, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    I'm 15 at the minute and I have myopia, My prescription is -0.50 in my right eye and -1.25 in my left.

    I used to spend at least 4 hours a day on my computer but I've begun to cut down to only an hour a day.

    My main concern is that will I need glasses permanently in the future or if I stop spending so much time on computers will my eyesight be better?

  2. Aman Reply
    May 12, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    Very helpful… 🙂

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