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Achondroplasia is a condition characterized by dwarfism. Basically, it’s a genetic disorder which occurs due to malfunctioning of some bodily functions. Because of the cartilage failure, our bones fail to attain the normal size. The most common symptom linked with achondroplasia is short stature. The average height of a male affected by this condition is said to be around 4 feet 4 inches, and an average women suffering from this condition doesn’t make it over 4 feet.

Apart from the not-so-appealing physical condition, one may have to deal with loads of emotional trauma primarily due to their below average stature. Short and thick legs are an apparent feature witnessed amongst these individuals. There are many other striking symptoms associated with this ailment. Let’s have a look at them:

-Most victims will have a protruding forehead. Their face will appear relatively large in comparison to the rest of their body.

-Depressed nasal bridge and dental issues are two other common symptoms connected with achondroplasia. Dental issues include misalignment of teeth and early tooth decay.

-The lower back will tend to sway back, thus giving it an awkward look. In fact, this can lead to a dreadful condition called kyphosis. Kyphosis is an ailment characterized by a small hump around the shoulder area.

-This ailment affects our vertebrae as well. Inadequate growth of vertebrae will lead to small vertebral canals, due to which there wouldn’t be much space for nerves exit. This can result into pain, numbness and weakness because of compressed nerves. In some cases, the entire spine cord is affected due to which the victim may feel numbness below the spine area, thereby resulting into loss of bowel movement. As a matter of fact, there have been reports in the past, wherein children have died during their sleep due to compressed spinal cord.

-Sufferers may also experience difficulty while breathing.

-Some children are prone to develop water on their brain. This situation can have lethal effects on the child’s health.

-As with any individual suffering from dwarfism, achondroplasia victims will have short fingers. However, there is a unique pattern of finger growth seen amongst these individuals. The middle and the ring finger may deviate, thus giving them a trident appearance. Bowed legs can also be witnessed amongst the sufferers.

-Poor muscle toning is another noticeable symptom associated with this condition.

-Due to their short stature, they may fall prey to obesity, thereby giving rise to various other ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure level and so on.

-Lastly, these individuals find it difficult to keep themselves immune from ear infection. Most of the sufferers tend to develop middle ear infection in their early days itself, which results into complete deafness as they grow older.

The symptoms associated with this condition may vary from person to person. Most of them will showcase a combination of the above mentioned symptoms. Remember, the symptoms by themselves shouldn’t serve as a ground to determine the condition. Proper diagnoses must be done to precisely evaluate the condition.

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