How to Wean Your Baby Off Night Feeding


Weaning your baby off night feeding can be a nerve-racking experience. While some babies tend to lose interest in breastfeeding as they grow up, others might be so accustomed to the habit that they wouldn’t mind upsetting their moms for several months. Goes without saying, breastfeeding is good for the child’s overall health, but only up to a certain age. Once a child reaches a particular age, it doesn’t matter whether you are breastfeeding the child or serving them regular milk. That being said, it’s imperative that you don’t stop breastfeeding your child overnight to upset the child’s mental or physical state of health, rather take gradual step towards this act.

The first step towards weaning your baby off night feeding would be to introduce him/her to regular milk. This should be done long before you stop breastfeeding them because over here your aim is to cultivate a habit of making the child drink milk from an alternate source. You will continue to breastfeed the child, until the baby gets a hang of bottle milk. In this manner, you won’t be shocking the baby by not serving him/her breast milk just out a blue moon.

Most children have the habit of waking up during the night. When they do so, they look for means to fall asleep again. Since, they have a habit of having breast milk before going to sleep; they will demand the same to fall asleep again. Instead of breastfeeding the child, pat their back or carry them. You may also want to sing some song to put them back to sleep. Cultivate this habit and eventually your child will realize that it doesn’t require breastfeeding to fall asleep.

Instead of the mother approaching the child, each time the child wakes up, have the father or some other individual hold the child. It’s all about making the child feel comfortable and secure. A mother usually ends up breastfeeding the child in her attempt to make the child feel homely. On the other hand, a father may hold or amuse the child by some other means. Remember, they just need comfort and not food. It’s also important that you feed the child well during the day time, so that the child doesn’t wake up during the night due to hunger.

Distraction also works over here. You may want to take the child’s attention towards toys or cars crossing the street, so that he/she gets engrossed in these things. Your best bet would be to replace breastfeeding with some other comforts. Find ways to comfort your baby such as singing, playing, reading etc. It doesn’t matter if the milk bottle becomes a comfort tool.

Lastly, try to keep the baby away from places, objects and positions that remind him/her of breastfeeding. Mothers hold the baby in a specific way or take them inside the bedroom while breastfeeding them. Eliminating these habits will also help.

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