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Yoga provides strength to you and your baby and makes things easier during the point of pregnancy. It is imperative that you take advantage of professional help. A professional will guide you through yoga routines and will make sure that your baby and you are healthy during the pregnancy stage. There are different yoga workouts that can be of great help for pregnant women. Some of them are listed below:

Yoga Poses: Pregnant Women

During the initial trimester postures like: triangle and mountain can be performed. While you are in the third and second trimester, lower your routine and do reduce on belly and back routines. During this period, the sage twist, the hero and the complete butterfly are considered as very safe bets.

Breathing Routines:

These exercises are very important for expectant women as these help in releasing stress and tension.

1. Kapalabhati

Inhale after taking two breaths. Now exhale by pushing the abdomen inwards. Keep repeating the process and give more importance to exhalation. Now exhale and inhale before inhaling again and keep a tight hold on your inhalation for a long period of time. Now, let the breath pass out.

2. Anuloma Viloma

Put your middle finger and index finger in your nostrils. Hold each side of the nose by your thumb, then the second finger after the smallest finger. Now try to inhale with your left side nostril whilst holding your right nostril tightly by your thumb; count till 4. Now close each of the nostrils tightly and count till 16 before exhaling from the right nostril; keep repeating the process.

Pose: Mountain

Stand straight with your arms on each side, inhale & exhale while looking straight and strive to evade any kind of movement.

Pose: Triangle

In this pose, you have to start by sitting the way a dog does. Next, move your left foot ahead by one meter. Position the left hand on the left section of the foot and divert your mass to the rear section of the back and shift the weight gradually to your front foot. Raise the top section of the body whilst keeping the lower rear part on the front foot. Straighten your lower back by raising the upper portion of your body and allowing right foot relax on the surface. Without bending or twisting the back; extend the leg of the front foot, now exhale and inhale. Turn your chest towards the left when pressing the left hand on the heel; let the legs, lower back and hip unmovable.

Pose: Hero

This posture helps improve the posture by stretching the ankles. It is a very important pose. This is done by bending downwards to the surface while sitting between your ankles.

Pose: Full Butterfly

This posture releases stress from the inside area of a thigh while stretching the groin area and knees. This routine helps a great deal during the initial trimester of child birth.

It is very important to take doctor’s advice and trainer’s help before doing any yoga exercises through pregnancy.

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