Side Effects of Abortion

For some women abortion has been quite positive and for others it has been a source of emotional and mental disorder. Please consider the side effects listed bellow before going for abortion.

Side Effects: Post Abortion

Abortion is of two ways; medical and surgical. Both these ways have their own side effects, but the emotional side effects are always the same for all women who have gone through this process.

Side Effects: Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion takes place by means of surgery. The regular side effects are cramping, diarrhea and abdominal pain. This procedure may even cause vomiting, nausea and anesthetic reaction. Other than these side effects, some side effects may or may not occur. These include:

1. Bleeding after abortion is a routine. But sometimes the uterus gets punctured or cervix is torn; this might cause intense bleeding and a blood transfusion may be required to control it.

2. The use of anesthesia is, although, very important but it might cause heart attack, convulsion, and in un-controllable cases it even causes death.

3. During surgery, the tools used might cause infection such as sepsis which has taken lives of many women. Any complication during a surgical abortion might result in death.

4. Inability to give birth in future.

Side Effects: Medical Abortion

In medical abortion a pill is used which might seem very easy but it even has side effects such as:

1. Bleeding and spotting

2. Dizziness and headaches

3. Chills and fever

4. Vomiting, cramping, nausea and diarrhea

These side effects and complications are routine complications. There are other complications which involve:

1. Prolonged bleeding

2. Infection causing infertility

3. In extreme cases many women have died because of this procedure

4. Heavy fever

5. Inability to give birth to a child in future

Note: All these complications require immediate medical attention.

Side Effects: Long Term

It is medically proven that women who have aborted their pregnancy through any of the above stated ways have faced long-term side effects. These include: abnormal child birth in future and it is even researched that women who have gone through the process of abortion have higher chances of having breast cancer.

Side Effects: Emotional

Many women undergo emotional side effects after abortion. These side effects are even termed as post-traumatic stress. Following are some of the emotional side effects that women face after pregnancy:

1. Feeling of guilt might pressurize the women to commit suicide.

2. Eating disorder and usage of drugs to relieve mental stress.

3. Disturbances in family life and sex life.

4. Mental stress might result in being fired from the work place as when a woman is stressed out she cannot work properly.

5. Women might never feel like giving birth to any child in near future.

Although, people feel that abortion is a way to get rid of problems but this theory have been proven wrong. Abortion does not only affect a woman physically but even disturbs her mentally. The guilt of killing somebody who has not even seen this world is very depressing and you might have a completely changed life after this process. All those who are thinking of taking this option should sit down and think once again. Discuss matters and take help.


  1. Excellent to know more information about this help us for future!

  2. You're ignorant. I've had an abortion and live. Perfectly happy life including a great job, great husband, great house. I was able to graduate college without any disruptions I don't have a drug problem or feel guilt.

  3. "The emotional side effects are always the same for all women who have gone through this process." and so begins an unsubstantiated series of claims, many of which have been debunked or are just simply not backed up by actual medical research. An example of this is the spurious attempt to link breast cancer and abortion; your own country's National Cancer Institute is quite clear on there being no causal link following 65 years of study.

    The health impact of women having abortions in an illegal and non-medical environment are very clear however and it is concerning that this web page appears to quietly campaign against medically available abortion when the alternative is so dire in terms of women's health, reproductive future and survival rate.

    Shame on you for this load of unreferenced, non-scientific claptrap. Badly written by a man who will never have to make the decision to carry a child or not and who doesn't appear to be a doctor. Health guidance? Not really.

  4. This post is very judgmental. It's okay to be pro-life but it sounds like some of your wording is not backed up by facts: linking breast cancer to abortion. Seriously man? Are you even a doctor? ANY SURGERY has an increase of death even giving birth to a child is riskier than having an abortion. I'm not a doctor but that's what I learned from real doctors. Assuming all women who undergo an abortion are all emotional and have problems is wrong because many women are actually doing great despite of termination of the baby.

  5. This post should be removed. I’m going to write to admin to have it flagged. First of all, NO abortion is linked to breast cancer. I don’t even have to research that to know it’s not true. It’s pretty much common sense. Secondly, where are your site sources? Or perhaps the writer was feeling a bit tender about a personal experience. In any case, I’m a pro-choice person for everyone else and pro-life for myself. This article, or whatever it’s meant to be, is abhorrent, to put it mildly. Health guidance? Hmmm.. I think not.

  6. I guessed it would be a man who wrote this… Badly written crap.

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