Top Ten Turn-Offs for Men

OK ladies, you all get to have your say on a regular basis. Now it is time to get a guy’s perspective on feminine faults that will have your date running for the door. If you are wondering why your success rate has been low recently, see if you can spot yourself in the following list…

Lack of confidence

No one’s saying you have got to strut around like Samantha from SATC. But if a guy compliments you, just say thank you nicely. Responding “But my butt’s HUGE!” makes guys feel like they can not win, and implies you are not exactly sparkling with inner confidence.

Facial hair

Poor men. They spend a great chunk of their money and time on defuzzing their faces, only to be met with dates who think their moustaches and sideburns are not noticeable. Come on ladies, return the favour and wax off those stray whiskers.

Short arms, long pockets

If you start acting like it is the 1950s and expecting your date to pay for everything, do not be surprised when he starts referring to you as the ‘little woman’ and expects you to do his cooking and cleaning in return. It is fine to treat each other now and then, but in the beginning – pay your share.

Fashion victims

When interviewed for this article, several men mentioned gladiator sandals, leggings and Ugg boots as their major turn-offs – in other words, being a slave to fashion. The girl who wears every trend that Kate Moss is flaunting ends up looking like she can not think for herself. Men like you to wear what suits you.


Texting ten times a day when you have only been dating a few weeks will not make him feel appreciated, it will make him feel bombarded. You do not need to know where he is 24/7 – relax and enjoy it when you are together. See also – asking him ‘what are you thinking?’ every time he falls silent. Give the poor guy some space!

Potty mouth

Sure, everyone utters the odd cuss word when they slam their finger in a door, but do not litter your first date with swearing or crude sexual references. It may be old-fashioned, but men tend to like ‘ladylike’ behaviour, at least to begin with. Save the smut for when you know him better!


Amazingly, men are not turned on by the sight of broken heels, vomit-spattered hair and torn dresses. Getting heinously drunk is never a good idea anyway, but if you think it is the way to attract the opposite sex – think again. Keep your dignity and your liver intact, and he will be much more impressed.

The ‘overdone’ look

Thick make-up, plasticky hair extensions, six inch heels? Fine if you work in the adult film industry, but in real life, remember less is more. You want a man to see you, not MAC’s every product. Men often rate ‘too much make-up’ as one of their biggest turn-offs.

The Ex Factor

Information about your ex should be kept to a strictly need-to-know basis. Throwing his name around on your first date is going to send any prospective suitor running for the hills. Men like to imagine they are the only ones who’ve ever rocked your world, even if they know it is unlikely to be true!

Commitment Mania

Chatting about your plans for the future is standard fare for first dates, but revealing that you are desperate to get married and have babies ASAP is far too much information. Anything that hints at commitment will guarantee a man-shaped hole in that restaurant door.

So girls, now you know, you can go forth armed with confidence, sobriety and subtle make-up, and watch the men come running.

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