Coloring Your Mood – Using the Right Makeup and Clothes


Do you see red when you get angry? Have you ever been green with envy? Do you feel blue when you are unhappy and in the pink when you are full of energy? We live in a blazing world of color and can surround ourselves with any colors we choose … in our home, the colors of our clothes and even in our cosmetics.

There are people called color therapists who say that the colors we choose give insight into our character and personality. The shades we wear can be an accurate guide to daily moods and can affect our feelings and energy levels during the day.

For instance, if you are suffering from hypertension, surrounding yourself with deep blue can be soothing and therapeutic. Blue is associated with deep relaxation and the high frequency of the blue spectrum creates an experience of peace and contentment. Colors of the blue spectrum such as violet, aqua and turquoise, are reported to help asthma, stress and insomnia sufferers.

Aggressive, hostile and anti-social behaviour can be improved by exposure to light shades of pink, according to color therapists. Pink shades have a sedative and muscle relaxing effect that prevents people from becoming angry. Pink is a tranquilizing color that saps your energy.

Stay clear of red. It is a nervous stimulant associated with force, vigor and energy. American psychic Edgar Cayce used to claim that he could see auras surrounding people and the colors changed if they were sick, dejected or fulfilled. He said that when the aura showed red, it indicated high temper and nervous turmoil. Blind people have been trained at an institute in Russia to “feel” colors and they describe light blue as smoothest to the touch; red, green and dark blue as “sticky”; green is stickier than red but not as coarse; white is smooth while black is the most abrasive color of all.

Color therapists say that if you like yellow, it means you are happy, friendly and enthusiastic. Pure, bright yellow is the color of the sun and lovers of it are stimulating to have around.

Green is said to be the color of healing, the color of nature. Its devotees are usually good gardeners, make excellent nurses and are romantic and sentimental. However, because they have a soft heart, they can easily be hurt. Blue is the color of the spirit associated with meditation. However, indigo and violet-loving people, who tend to be disorganized, are searching for a cause and intuition plays a big part in their lives. Pregnant women often develop a liking for violet, reflecting their desire for special understanding and tenderness.

Brown is said to be preferred by lazy people, who feel a lack of security. It is the color of the soil and psychologists note that discharged soldiers show a definite preference for brown, indicating a longing for a more settled lifestyle. Grey is a neutral color and is often worn by business people who do not want to give anything away. It also reflects ill-health. Have you noticed how a sick person can actually look grey?

The perfect blend of all color vibrations is white. White, which is always synonymous with purity, reflects pure light and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Of course, none of this is truly scientific but a lot of it makes sense. So, before you get dressed tomorrow, think about the effect of what you wear on your mood for the day. Follow through with careful thought about your cosmetics, avoiding garish reds and violet eyeshadows, and settling for muted rose for your lips, cheeks and fingernails, and maybe a subtle dusting of pale blue for your eyelids. After all, we all want to be in the pink, do not we?

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