Child Custody – How Temporary Custody Orders Can Hurt You

Temporary custody orders are visitation and custody orders that are made in order to create a structure while parents wait for their court hearing and final decision. This is of course a necessary arrangement, but can create problems for parents who will accept arrangements that they otherwise would not. The time between the temporary order and the final decision could be a year or even two years away however, and the set up can hurt not only your court case, but also your children and your relationships.

The problem is that during this time your children are likely to become relatively ‘settled’ with the current arrangements. If the temporary custody orders seem to be working and they suit your children and ex-spouse, then this will greatly hurt your chances in court as any major changes will ‘unsettle’ some already happy children (the children are always the priority). At the same time, your children will likely grow closer to your ex partner during this time and be less likely to want to move.

As such you need to recognise temporary custody orders as being highly important. Ensure then that you argue this temporary custody order and that it contains the most important elements to you – if you want to see them a certain amount of time then ensure that you do (or at least see them close to that amount of time) and if you want to get weekends for example then ensure that you get weekends. Remember, while a temporary custody order can hurt your chances of a good final verdict, if you play it right then they can also help you.

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