Wedding Centerpiece Ideas on a Budget


At the wedding reception it can be a great idea to have a ‘centrepiece’ that will fill the room and give everyone in attendance something exciting to look at and make the occasion more memorable. If you are on a budget however and want to do this cheaply, then a great idea is to make your own. Here we will have a look at some centrepieces that you can create yourself which hopefully can act as inspiration for your own event.

Edible centrepieces – A centrepiece you can each is something that is bound to go down well. This could be a giant fruit basket, another spectacular cake, or even a great chocolate fountain. An alcoholic punch can also be a great idea. Snow cones are a hit with everyone.

Balloons – Balloons can be assembled to create mass centrepieces, or scattered around each table in a colour code. Either way they are a fun and colourful centrepiece.

Marbles – Marbles in a glass can be very attractive and there are a surprising number of things you can do with them. Again you can have them on every table, or have a larger creation in the centre of the room.

Candles – Using candles can create a great mood as well as being hypnotic to watch.

Art – If you are very creative then paintings or a photo collage can be a great wedding centrepiece. To really get everyone talking and add some fun to the occasion, a collage of all your friends and family in attendance is a great addition to any reception.

Flowers – Similarly spectacular arrangements of flowers can also be very attention grabbing. Again this can be one large arrangement or several smaller ones.

Ice sculptures – Okay so you may not be able to make these yourself, but there are certainly a lot of things you can do with ice cheaply that will look great.

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